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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Addresses Keith Colburn Wanting Leadership Role, His ‘Tunnel Vision’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage)

The icy waters of the Bering Sea are unforgiving for the crews and captains on Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen is no stranger to that. He is also no stranger to the drama that can occur between captains and boats.

Before the latest season started earlier this year, Hansen talked about Keith Colburn and the dynamic between the two on the show. When he was asked about Colburn being “positioned as the thorn in [his] side,” Hansen had quite the reaction.

“[Snorts] Positioned? Positioned…[laughs] okay!” the captain began. The interviewer asked him about Colburn’s feelings about not being the “leader” on the show.

“Keith is not as good-looking as me or Phil, so that ain’t going to happen. Keith is up there, and I think that because there are different mentalities and one thing you can never take away from Mr. Colburn is A) he’s a tremendous fisherman. He’s just very aggressive, that being said, believe it or not, I CAN be a team player.”

However, the Deadliest Catch star thinks his fellow captain just needs to get out of his “tunnel vision.”

“None of us liked to talk on the radio and share information, Keith included. But, I think I can see a bigger picture sometimes. And he might… I think Keith still has a little bit of tunnel vision if I’m going to be a little bit critical.”

The Deadliest Catch “feuds” are usually blown out of proportion. Real fans know that the respect these captains have for each other. When someone needs a hand up, others are eager to assist. Getting through that icy water takes more than grit and determination every now and then.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Boats Make…Whiskey?

One of the most interesting revelations about the folks on Deadliest Catch is that some of these boats make whiskey. The Cornelia Marie, The Northwestern, The Wizard, and The Brenna A all make whiskey. The process works fairly simply.

Fremont Mischief Distillery puts whiskey barrels on board the boats. The barrels must be turned at least once a year. However, with the liquor on the raging sea, the waves do all the work. It eliminates the need to rotate the barrel. These are “storm-tossed” spirits. The barrels will stay on board for at least a couple of years.

Co-owner Josh Harris says, “In 2013 we started this program to help people. Any opportunity we can get to help people, help different causes, use that star power I guess you would say, to make a difference.”

It’s gotta be hard not to crack open one of those barrels during the freezing months on the water. When the ice is so thick they have to use a sledgehammer to break it, they might wish they could get a small sip of that amber liquid.