‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Breaks Down the ‘Bad Scenarios’ Crews Face with Weather

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

For the captains and crews of the reality television series “Deadliest Catch,” one of the challenges they face on the open waters is the weather. Changes in the weather can change the ocean from calm seas to treacherous waters.

Weather also impacts when and where the boat crews can fish. This can make an already challenging job even more challenging. “Deadliest Catch” captain Sig Hansen talked about the “bad scenarios” weather can bring the fishing crews during an interview with “The Fishing Website.”

“Does the weather and ice movement have an effect on when you can fish?” Hansen was asked during the interview. In his answer, the 55-year-old captain said that his ship and others have been limited by rules, as well as weather.

“It does. We have some pretty bad scenarios now,” Sig Hansen explained. “Depending on the fisheries zone, we are locked into delivering to the ports where we have catch history, in each zone. The northern catch needs to be delivered to Saint Paul Island, because that is where the catch history is. The ice came down last year and engulfed the island, but we have no choice but to deliver there, so what do you do? There is no flexibility in the new system.”

Sig Hansen Also Said That ‘Deadliest Catch’ Often Shows the ‘Dramatic Side’ of His Work

The interviewer also pointed out that in many episodes of “Deadliest Catch” the captains and crews are forced to battle through poor weather conditions to get their jobs done. Like many others, the interviewer wondered if the weather was always bad while Sig Hansen and others work, or if the show only chose to show footage from bad weather days.

“I do think they want to show the dramatic side,” Hansen answered. “They shoot thousands of hours of footage. And I can understand that they are trying to put a storyboard together and make it fit.”

At the same time, according to this “Deadliest Catch” captain, the show offers an honest portrayal of what life is like for him, his ship’s crew, and other fishermen.

“Everything that they film is accurate. But you will see a lot of the more foul weather as opposed to the calm days; I suppose that’s what sells, but the bad weather is a reality,” Sig Hansen also said.

Sig Hansen Has Also Faced Other Challenges During His Career

The weather isn’t the only challenge Hansen and his team faced recently. Last year was difficult for them for other reasons. These obstacles came about due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic created many “unknowns” for his team.

“With the pandemic and everything, it was difficult because you’re dealing with an unknown — multiple unknowns. Unknowns such as protocol, how to deal with illness if someone did become ill …,” Hansen said in April 2021.

The “Deadliest Catch” captain also had to face obstacles when he delivered his catch. “Then you had protocols with the fishing tanneries that take our product. All the products, codfish and crab. The trip to get to anchorage, Alaska, and Dutch Harbor, there were protocols there. All that and we didn’t even know if there was going to be a season to be had,” he also explained.