‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Predicts Whether His Daughter Will Stick with Fishing or Not

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders who watch “Deadliest Catch” may wonder if the daughter of Captain Sig Hansen will or will not stick with fishing.

Hansen wonders, too, about his daughter, Mandy.

He was asked for his thoughts about it in a 2020 interview with Hollywood Life.

“I would hope so,” the “Deadliest Catch” star said. “But I think it’s because she feels indebted to a family business. That being said, she’s always wanted to be on the boat. She’s been on there since he was 13-14 every summer doing our salmon tendering.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Doesn’t Want Daughter To Feel Stuck

Sig Hansen said he didn’t want Mandy to feel like she had to stay with fishing because the business is so volatile.

“There’s no guarantee you’ll even have a season the next year or the next year,” Hansen said. “You have prices fluctuate so much. It’s really a pretty stressful lifestyle. I don’t wish it on anybody, honestly. I had a leg up looking back.”

Hansen said he was fortunate around the timing and decisions he made in life when getting into fishing. That may include his involvement with “Deadliest Catch” as well.

Captain Said He’s ‘Dodged So Many Bullets In My Life’

“And just being alive,” he said. “I’ve dodged so many bullets in my life. With so many friends gone, why would I wish that on my own kid? I’m not going to reinforce her like that. I can’t do that. Because if something happened, I would never live it down.”

Hansen would go on to say that he’s dodged death “many, many times at sea.”

“I just don’t know how she would react if she was in the same position on her own,” he said. “And that’s something I just wouldn’t wish for anybody.”

The Discovery Channel show has been on the air for 17 seasons. It has followed the ups and downs of crab fishermen doing their work in the Bering Sea. There is a huge amount of risk in this type of job. Sometimes it can even lead to injuries or death.

Sig Hansen has been a part of “Deadliest Catch” all the way back to its pilot episode. Mandy Hansen has been on the show in Season 12 and Seasons 14-17. They take out the S/V Northwestern and get busy during crab season.

But let’s also take a step back when it comes to Pops. He was asked a rather lengthy question about other show business work during an April 2021 interview with Nicki Swift.

Sig Hansen was asked if he had any interest in pursuing other Hollywood aspirations.

Now the “Deadliest Catch” star provided voice-over work for a character in a Pixar film. Hansen also was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.”