‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Reveals Three ‘Jeopardy!’ Categories He’d Make for Show

by Jonathan Howard

Deadliest Catch and Jeopardy! are not usually spoken in the same breath. However, Sig Hansen might have something to say about that. While he isn’t out on the icy waters of the Bering Sea, the captain makes time to watch the trivia game show. At least enough to answer a great question about it.

When talking to Channel Guide Magazine, Hansen was asked what Jeopardy! categories he would play if he was on the show. He even got the option to use made-up categories as well. He had a good and insightful answer to the question.

“Because of the environment and because I have changed in maturity and age, I would do something about environment and sustainability. And, just to drive my wife crazy, I would do something about comedy because she likes to watch dramas and thrillers and I like comedies. And automobilia because I am a guy.”

Fans of Deadliest Catch know that Captain Hansen has a deep love for the environment. That includes protecting it from pollution. It makes sense that a man so involved in fishing so close to the Arctic would learn a thing or two about sustainability and the environment. With sea waters warming, there is going to be less crab in the waters. That means this is personal for Hansen and his fellow captains.

As for driving his wife crazy, he can go down that route if he wants to, but as a married man myself I can’t advise it. Of course, Hansen being such a hands-on type of person is going to know some things about cars and trucks.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captains Take Big Risks for Big Reward

While the ships are in icy waters, they have to fight through a lot of it. The captains and crews are willing to take big risks in order to score a big reward. When out in those dangerous and freezing sea waters, the boats have to work together many times.

Captain Jonathan Hillstrand made quite the comparison when talking about the ice.

“Ice is like the big bully,” he said. “We all gotta work together. Kick that bully right in the mouth.”

That means calling out when the waters get rough. Letting the other boats know when the ice is not worth going through, or if pots are being pulled in with crab or not. It really is a matter of sink or swim so to speak. With waters and waves rising above the tops of the boats.

Things get serious out on the Bering Sea. In the season finale recently, the crews dealt with not just ice as far as the eyes can see, but worse. The “Summer Bay” was tossed back and forth by the waters. One wave threatened to capsize the boat and endanger the crew. However, the boat survived and went on to collect its pots.