‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen’s Thoughts on Doing More and More Work in Hollywood

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Thanks to the reality television series “Deadliest Catch,” Sig Hansen has reached a level of fame that he most likely never would have without the show. This fame has opened doors for him that otherwise would have remained closed.

The show has been on the air for more than 15 years. And thanks to its success, Hansen has been able to appear in projects other than “Deadliest Catch.”

According to an interview he gave to Nicki Swift in April 2021, there might be other Hollywood projects in this captain’s future. He has already lent his voice to a character in a Pixar film. Also, he was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Hansen talked about this after he was asked, “Do you have any interest in pursuing any other Hollywood aspirations? Are we gonna see you in a movie?”

Simply put, the F/V Northwestern is not counting out a future on the Hollywood scene. One factor that makes him feel confident is how positive his experience working with the Discovery Channel has been.

“Because of the Discovery Channel, of our relationship and how good things have been, it’s interesting, because you get to see, you know, the media, and how it works, you know. And it’s fun to be a part of that,” Sig Hansen said.

While he thinks future Hollywood projects could be in his future, Sig Hansen said he remains focused on his work.

“Now, we’ve always said, work first. It’s not like I’m going to give up my day job here, of course, you know. But it’s a lot of fun,” Hansen also shared.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen Said ‘It Is Very Interesting to See How’ the Show is Created

Even so, the famous ship captain said he believes taking on other Hollywood projects would be something he would enjoy.

“It’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is very interesting to see how all that’s put together, and how the cameramen put everything together for ‘Deadliest Catch’ you know, now that you kind of see the behind the scenes, so I would like it. I mean, I would love it,” Sig Hansen also said.

Before he moves on to a potential Hollywood career, Sig Hansen has had to face a very difficult season on “Deadliest Catch.”

In fact, he said what viewers watch during the show’s 17th season has been the most challenging time at sea he and others have faced.

“I think, because of all of the unknowns, and you know later on, we had the calamity, you know like for me we had mechanical breakdowns that really hurt us. And the timing, and things just didn’t click, you know, the way that you’d like it to. But that’s the thing about fishing, you can’t take it for granted,” Sig Hansen also shared.