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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Gives Look at Extremely Cold Conditions on Boat

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

Captain Josh Harris surprises us with another photo from his boat. This time, the Deadliest Catch star is sharing the extreme cold conditions that they are currently experiencing.

In a recent Instagram post, Harris shares a frosty photo of his boat covered in snow and ice. It looks like the Deadliest Catch crew is parked somewhere to rest throughout the night. It doesn’t seem like a great night for fighting, that’s for sure.

While Harris and the other members have faced many difficult challenges throughout the show, this is nothing they can’t handle. That is, warmer weather is quickly approaching and will be there before they know it.

The television star is a very simple guy when it comes to captioning his posts. Furthermore, he simply writes, “#cold” to describe his post.

Check out the icy cold weather below. Judging by the photo, it’ll leave you with goosebumps.

Throughout the comments, fans can’t believe how cold it looks. One user, for example, said “Yikes! Stay safe out there!!!”

Even though this extreme cold makes fishing harder, they will be back in business on the Bering Sea real soon. Stay tuned!

Josh Harris Reflects on Life Without His Father

Not only is Harris freezing in his current location, but he also takes time to remember his father’s memory. The unfortunate death hit him and his brother incredibly hard, and it has been hard for them to take in. But they are continuously finding ways to keep his legacy alive.

Previously, Josh Harris sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his father’s legacy. Phil Harris definitely had a huge impact on the show, but his overall perspective on life made him a remarkable person.

During the interview, he’s asked how he helps his daughter remember her grandfather.

“What do you tell your daughter about your dad? How do you sort of keep his memory alive?”

“Do you know that one of the coolest things is we’ve got a lot of family pictures, and there’s a lot of memorabilia here at the house, and then she can always reflect upon the show. She watches the show, so she gets to see me on there,” Harris admits. “It’s a natural thing that my dad will pop up on random different things. She knows that’s her grandpa and thinks we sound alike.”

Then, he goes on to add how he’s keeping his father’s legacy alive.

“The biggest thing, especially at this time in the world, it was always about living with a good heart and helping people as much as you can,” Harris revealed. “That was his legacy.”

Besides keeping the legacy alive, Harris passes down his father’s life lessons to his daughter.

“You try to live with a just heart, and you never judge,” Harris said. “That’s the biggest thing I think in our book right now.”