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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Shows Off Wildly ‘Mysterious Fish’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

Deadliest Catch just turned into “Strangest Catch” with star Josh Harris’ latest post from his adventures on the Bering Sea. Usually, the renowned fisherman and his crew pull up pots full of Opilio and king crabs. Within the mesh, a stray octopus or another sea critter might make its way into the batch. But every now and then the Cornelia Marie finds something extraordinary within the enormous crab claws and legs. This time, Harris couldn’t even put a name to the animal.

The Deadliest Catch star posted a photo of his mysterious catch on Instagram, alongside co-captain Casey McManus and a deckhand. The three smiled for the sea-selfie, holding up a small, flesh-colored, blue-eyed fish that didn’t appear to have any scales. Although the odd fish probably didn’t have much market value to it, the three crew members found it interesting enough to share with fans. Along with the smiling shot, Harris also posted a couple of close-ups of the creature that offered a better look at its anatomy.

“Mysterious fish in the deep,” Harris captioned the photos.

Deadliest Catch fans were quick to comment on the rare find. Many even likened the fish to a certain feathered animal.

“It looks like a raw piece of chicken with an eye ball lol,” one fan commented.

“Here I was thinking it was some raw chicken…” concurred another.

Now that’s what we call chicken of the sea.

Then there was one fan that just couldn’t take their eyes off the Deadliest Catch stars to even register the odd sea creature.

“Who looks at the fish when Josh is in the picture!? Just saying,” one fan of Harris wrote.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Shares Dinnertime Photo with Fans

Imagine the ability to pull a king crab straight out of the freezing cold Alaskan waters and serve it for dinner, not an hour later. That’s the kind of luxury that comes with the job on Deadliest Catch. Harris shared a photo of his crew gathered around the cabin’s dinner table with claws and legs in hand. Though, perhaps after months at sea, crab no longer sounds more like a requirement than a delicacy.

Still, the Cornelia Marie crew seemed absolutely thrilled to share a part of their bounty with each other. One deckhand held up three crab legs in one hand. Another got ready to take a big bite out of the crustacean in front of him.

“Crab its what’s for dinner,” Deadliest Catch captain Harris wrote in the caption.