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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Spots Orca Right Beside Boat in ‘Sea Life’ Snap

by Courtney Blackann

When you’re the captain of a fishing vessel, you’re sure to come back to shore with some great stories. From surviving deadly storms, finding odd things in the sea and risking your life daily it’s an interesting profession to say the least. No one knows this better than “Deadliest Catch” captain Josh Harris.

Despite these risks and tough way of life, sometimes the crews also get to witness pretty amazing wildlife. This is the case for Captain Josh Harris. He recently posted a rare photo of an Orca whale swimming right alongside his boat.

Harris captioned the photo simply with “#sealife” and showed the amazing creature up close. Its beautiful black and white features can be seen peeking out of the water.

“Deadliest Catch” Goes South

Captain Josh Harris recently embarked on a journey to Hawaii to follow in his late father’s footsteps and fish some hidden fishing spots. The whole adventure was turned into a spinoff called “Deadliest Catch: Bloodlines” and turned into a multi-episode series. Trading the cold weather and harsh waves for the pristine waters of Hawaii seemed like an easy move to make.

“We’re getting on an airplane and we’re going to Hawaii. We’re really doing it. They were already filming us doing the boat stuff. So they’re like, ‘well, we’ll, we’ll tag along to this. This sounds interesting.’ And they [Discovery] do a full-blown show! We didn’t anticipate that we were going to shoot for this, it just kind of happened.  I’ll say that there are talks about still going back and doing another round [of Bloodline],” Harris said.

Additionally, the fishing captain said the whole experience really made him feel closer to his dad. He was excited to be able to go to the special place fish some really cool spots. It was also a refreshing break from the Alaskan weather.

“Also, I learned about what my dad was doing it in Hawaii, and running into people that he met and things like, [my dad] had a sign that’s on the walls still today in this office [which] is kind of funny to read what he’d wrote to people. Because I remember, back in the day, when we get together and do the Catch Cons and the stuff that he would write on people’s autograph cards,” he said.

Despite the fun getaway, prime crabbing season has begun and Harris had to return home to Alaska. Along with Captain Casey McManus, Harris co-owns the Cornelia Marie. It’s a dream he’s had since he was young when his father, Phil Harris, fished the Bering Sea. After Phil Harris’ death, Josh Harris knew he wanted to continue the family’s legacy but didn’t know how without the proper finances. That’s when he decided to partner with McManus. The two now run a successful operation fishing throughout the season in order to make ends meet.