‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Got Pranked By a Rival Crew in Hilarious Clip

by Jonathan Howard

While out on the frozen waters, the crews at Deadliest Catch try to find enjoyment in what they can. That means playing jokes on other boats. A while back, Captain Keith Colburn had to ask a favor of a rival crew. What he got in return was quite the surprise.

While trying to make up for lost time and a low number of crab, Captain Colburn had the crew of the Time Bandit led by Captain Johnathan Hillstrand layout pots for him. Crab pots, the big cages that catch the crab, are dropped into the icy waters and left to collect the crustaceans. Each pot is tracked on GPS so the boats can collect them. While crews try to put pots out in a straight line, for efficiency, sometimes other boats have to be avoided.

So, the Deadliest Catch crew of the Time Bandit got out and put the pots in the water. However, due to other boats, they had to lay them out in an…interesting way. What occurred was a hilarious mishap, or perhaps something the crew planned.

Being out on the water for so long can cause people to crack up at the smallest things. While it is a bit immature, viewers have to admit the placement was pretty funny. While it is unclear what a “Walrus’ appendage” looks like for the average viewer, one can imagine after seeing the blips on the radar.

One thing is for sure, Captain Keith found it hilarious after being a bit annoyed by the interaction. The path of the boat had a little curve in it when it was all said and done.

‘Deadliest Catch’ New Episode and Pranks

Tonight, a new episode of Deadliest Catch aired with plenty of the familiar drama. Crews battled through thick ice. When crew members have to break out the sledgehammers to get through the ice, it is a cold and crazy time on the boat. Couple that with giant waves a couple of stories taller than the boat, and it gets downright dangerous.

There is a long history of pranks throughout the show. Out in the fishing waters of the Bering Sea, things can get a bit boring and life can be harsh. Pranks and jokes keep morale up and rival crews love to get one over on the others. Whether it is using a blow-up doll as a buoy or delivering a destroyed pickup truck to another boat, crews can get really into practical jokes.

No crew is better than the Time Bandit guys at pranking. With their captain in the lead, the Deadliest Catch crew at the Bandit find any reason to prank their own greenhorns, fellow crew, or anyone else they can get to. There are many reasons to keep your head on a swivel when it comes to fishing crab.