‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Says Weather is Getting Worse: ‘Getting Our Asses Handed to Us’

by Jonathan Howard

Viewers have seen how dangerous the job on Deadliest Catch gets. Turns out, the name of the show is very fitting! Who could have guessed?

Over the years, whether fans have noticed or not, the weather has been getting worse in the Bering Sea. Earlier this year, back in June, Keith Colburn talked about life on the waters. He also detailed how the weather has been getting worse. A big wave looked like it almost took out his boat.

“Oh yeah, no, the crab is fine, boat’s fine. But the weather, anybody that doesn’t think climate change exists. Guess what? It exists,” he said to Nicki Swift. “Yeah, we’re getting our asses handed to us, and every year it gets worse and worse and worse.”

Colburn is never afraid to speak his mind. He is out there on the waters every season. So, if anyone would notice the change in the weather or climate, it would be him. He has 25 years of experience running a boat. That shows on Deadliest Catch when things get tricky and the captain has to make big decisions.

Waves, storms, ice, and more. There are many hazards on the job as a crab fisherman. That means that the crew has to keep their heads on a swivel. Equipment can break loose, cables can fly around, and guys can get hurt out there. The weather hasn’t helped with catching crab, either.

Keith Colburn and Others Forced Further North

The boats go out far from port. Most of the time, boats can be left to their own devices. Occasionally, you might get help from another crew. However, as the weather changes more drastically, the crabs are being pushed further north. The water is colder and better for the crab.

Colburn talked about the crabs moving further north.

Well, absolutely,” he said about the weather changes. “The thing is the crab are further north, colder water. Storms are shorter but more intense. You know, years ago, 25 years ago when I started running the boat, we might get one or two storms in three or four months, that are the same [sic] as what we get now, every other week.”

For now, the Deadliest Catch star is just worried about getting into the water and fishing as he has for the last quarter of a century.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Intense Moments Not Always Caught Fully on Camera

When things get serious onboard a Deadliest Catch boat, it isn’t the job of the cameramen to risk their lives for a good shot. The still cameras attached to the boat get most of the harsher action. A big wave, a large storm. With the increasingly more dramatic weather, no one wants to be caught in a bad spot.

Colburn has talked in the past about what happens in those moments. So, when things get hairy on the boat, fans don’t even get the full picture. Those camera guys are rightly worried about their own safety.