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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Makes Special Appearance at High School to Deliver Powerful Speech

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Nick Tokman, or “Sunshine” on Deadliest Catch, has been on the show for the past four seasons. Besides having an upbeat personality, he also serves as a motivational speaker and encourages others to be successful. This passion of his led him to a high school last week to deliver a powerful speech to the students there.

Arriving at Miller Place High School in New York last week, Tokman spoke to students about accomplishing their goals. His message was meant to motivate students and enhance focus, freeing them of distractions and obstacles. He said doing so helps one own who they are and lets them achieve their own definition of success.

To help with this, he suggests tuning out negative influences and stressors, as well as figuring out what it is the students really want out of life. Defining success yourself and knowing how to get there lets you become “your own captain,” Patch reported him saying.

The outlet also reports the Miller Place School District actively encourages the kids there to discover their own passions and work for them. As such, they regularly try to bring in speakers like Tokman.

On that note, Tokman used himself as a success story, citing personal struggles. For instance, he spoke about his own failures and setbacks, like being hospitalized, having no money, and battling homelessness. That’s not even taking into consideration the grueling work the Deadliest Catch crew endures every day.

Those interested in hearing him speak can do so via his own website.

One ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Left the Show in an Unfortunate Way

Along the lines of troublesome situations, sometimes the life onboard crabbing boats is too overwhelming. In the instance of Elliot Neese, a deadly addiction cut short his tenure as a captain.

Neese began his crabbing boat career at 28-years-old. He seemingly had it all, being captain of his own vessel and having a loving family. Sadly, he was battling some demons and had to leave after only four years. His drug addiction became too much to bear without outside intervention, prompting his departure.

It turns out Neese’s addiction issues were so extensive he once spent almost $100,000 on cocaine. After he finally decided to leave his ship, the Saga, it was emotional, to say the least. At one point, things got so intense he threatened one of his employees. The other crew lamented him going away, but all recognized the fact he desperately needed help. After reaching land, he didn’t speak anymore to the cameras and left without uttering a word.

Though his future on Deadliest Catch remains unclear, Neese did post a picture to his Instagram account earlier this year, suggesting he was on a crabbing boat again.