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‘Deadliest Catch’ Stars Take on Massive 30 Foot Wave: ‘Let The Games Begin’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

On the newest episode of Deadliest Catch, the crew of Time Bandit go up against massive 30 foot swells. In a recent Tweet from the show, viewers can get a sneak peek at the rough waters the crews will be up against. The Tweet features a 30 second preview of the waves to come; in the video, Time Bandit, the commercial fishing vessel co-captained by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, takes a beating by huge white-capped waves. The crew are tossed about the deck like plastic Army men, but they don’t let that stand in the way of their work; they’re still crawling up on crab pots like 30 foot waves are child’s play.

New Deadliest Catch Episode Promises Thrills

The clip was just recently posted, and fans are taking notice; one Deadliest Catch fan replied, “The look on Jon’s [sic] wife’s face says it all! That’s terrifying!!!” It looks like Time Bandit is headed to Russia in this episode, according to a comment made in the clip by captain Johnathan Hillstrand: “Let the games begin. We’re going to Russia.”

Time Bandit and the other vessels are known for taking massive hits, and the waves shown in the clip are no different. The vessel Saga took a hit from two 40 foot waves in 2015, nearly capsizing her. In 2011, the Northwestern took a 35-foot swell head-on in the middle of an Arctic storm. So, to say the crews of Deadliest Catch are familiar with big waves would be an understatement. But, it’s one thing to watch the big waves on television; it’s another to watch them come at you from the deck of a rocking ship.

Time Bandit’s Rocky History

Time Bandit premiered on Deadliest Catch in its second season, according to The Cinemaholic. Co-captained by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, the youngest Hillstrand, Neal, acted as the vessel’s chief engineer. The ship is present in all seasons up until 13, where Johnathan announced his retirement after 37 years at the helm. Time Bandit did not return for season 14. It seemed like she would return for season 15, but the main engine exploding docked Time Bandit for a bit. Finally, Time Bandit returned, with her long-standing captain, for season 17 of Deadliest Catch. That is where viewers can find her now, cruising from her port in Juneau, Alaska and braving the waves to get to Russia. At least, according to the clip.

According to the Deadliest Catch Twitter page, this is the newest information on the next episode of season 17. There have been almost 300 episodes of Deadliest Catch, and this next one aims to keep viewers enthralled to the end. The new episode premieres Tuesday, August 24 on Discovery Plus and Tuesday, August 31 at 8 pm on Discovery.