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‘Deadliest Catch’ Teases ‘Most Exciting Thing We’ve Seen All Season’ in New Clip With Sig Hansen & His Daughter

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage)

Deadliest Catch is at it again; the official Twitter page for the show recently released another clip of the upcoming episode. This clip features Captain Sig Hansen and his daughter, Mandy, at the helm of the Northwestern.

The snows are swirling, the waves are high, and the crew appears in good spirits. It seems like something is going well, as the 15-second sneak-peek spotlights crew, captain, and daughter celebrating what could be a huge haul. Captain Sig even claims he’s “going to pass out” at the end of the clip; could the haul be truly breathtaking?

Viewers will have to wait for tonight, when the episode airs on Discovery at 8 pm, to find out.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Previews Potential Huge Haul for Northwestern

The Northwestern, under Captain Sig and relief Captain Mandy Hansen, has the potential for a great season. In the clip, Mandy claims it’s the “most exciting thing we’ve seen all season.” If that’s not cause for celebration, what is?

The Northwestern is the only vessel to appear on all 17 seasons of Deadliest Catch, with Mandy joining as relief captain in 2018. As captain-in-training, she’s preparing to take over the family business when her father retires.

The Northwestern was built in 1977 by Sverre Hansen; she is “one of the fleet’s most efficient (and safest) boats year in and year out,” according to Discovery. The vessel was originally built for the King and Tanner crab seasons. Additionally, it was one of the first to fish for Snow crab in the 1980s.

Sig Hansen takes his job seriously, as he has told King 5 News in Seattle: “My number one rule is fishing first, cameras second”. That rule seems to be working, especially with this new, exciting clip from tonight’s Deadliest Catch.

Previous Clips Promise Exciting Events to Come

In a previously published Tweet, the official Deadliest Catch Twitter page promises 30 foot swells battering Time Bandit in tonight’s episode, as well as the excitement from the Northwestern. The episode, titled “Winter’s Gambit,” features Johnathan Hillstrand facing “30-foot waves in a hail Mary run towards Russia,” according to the official episode synopsis.

Additionally, Sig Hansen is going back to waters he hasn’t fished in 17 years. Could that be where the potential exciting haul comes from? Fans can only speculate until tonight.

Episode 18, “Winter’s Gambit,” airs tonight, August 24, at 8 pm on Discovery. The episode previously premiered on Discovery Plus on August 17.