‘Deadliest Catch’ Video Showed Sometimes the Greatest Dangers Come from Within the Ship

by Michael Freeman

The heavy equipment, waves, and weather are only a handful of obstacles on Deadliest Catch. As a video from the Time Bandit illustrates, sometimes the greatest dangers come from within the ship.

As the crew hauls in their pots, the weather proves relentless and fights them at every turn. The Time Bandit hangs in there despite the fatigue, waves, and wind hitting them hard. However, things get even worse after a line from a crab pot gets caught on the ship’s horn. After a huge wave slams into the boat, two deckhands almost get tangled in the line and dragged into the water.

Sadly, that’s not all that befalls the crew. Smelling smoke in the engine room, Andy Hillstrand sounds off and asks about the problem. Apparently hydraulic fluid leaked everywhere. Not only could this lead to a fire on board, but in worst-case scenarios, an explosion could occur.

The Time Bandit crew races to find the leak’s source, even shutting down the generator to stop it from continuing. Nonetheless, a single spark could still spell disaster for everyone. Frantically searching for the leak’s source, they finally locate it on the ship’s auxiliary. To repair it, Neal will have to replace a damaged gasket. He quickly does so and the crew averts disaster.

It just goes to show the kind of perception and endurance you need to possess while on crab boats. The simplest leak or poorly-tossed pot can prove fatal.

Crew Infighting is Another Danger on ‘Deadliest Catch’

Internal problems aboard a Deadliest Catch vessel aren’t just mechanical. Sometimes crew infighting can be just as detrimental, such as when an arrogant greenhorn aboard the Wizard challenged an experienced deckhand to a fight.

A particularly troublesome fight occurred on the Wizard in 2013 between greenhorn Dane Tebo and veteran deckhand Freddy Maugatai. Claiming he was tired of getting threatened and harassed every day by Maugatai, the newbie reportedly sucker-punched him. Captain Keith Colburn diffused the situation before it got out of hand, but not before giving Dane a piece of his mind.

“Hey, listen, dude,” Keith begins. “What I just did to you right now is completely off-limits on this boat, okay? You’re gonna earn nobody’s respect on this boat by throwing sucker-punches. Alright? Okay? You’re a greenhorn! You’ve been out here for a week! This guy’s been running circles around you and kids like you for 18 years!”

Colburn’s disgust with the greenhorn doesn’t stop there, with him saying hitting the man while his back was turned is “as low as it gets.” Before leaving the pair, the captain tells Tebo “I’ll take care of you myself” if it happens again, and asks Freddy to keep his distance from the younger crew member.