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‘Deadliest Catch’ Video Shows Sig Hansen Loves to Give Son-in-Law a Hard Time

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Years ago, Deadliest Catch captain Sig Hansen gave Clark Pederson permission to marry his daughter. However, that privilege also comes with Sig being able to give him a hard time whenever he feels like it.

Back in 2017, Captain Sig Hansen accepts Pederson is going to marry his daughter. Speaking to the camera people, he concedes the man is respectful and sincere. Saying he thinks it’s a bit early for the couple to get married, he relents and gives his blessing. He also notes that gives him the power to mess with Pederson if he wishes to. He absolutely does, as shown in this video.

“Is he sincere or is it just a facade?” Hansen asks over the speaker to the crew. “Is he one of those guys that pretends like he’s all, you know, humble and respectful or is he full of crap?” Deckhand Matt Bradley playfully answers he is indeed humble, but “he ain’t real bright.” Hansen razzes him, saying coming from Bradley, that’s saying something.

Getting into the serious stuff, Hansen asks if Pederson even knows how to cook. Jokes aside (sort of), Hansen asks if Clark is throwing the last one as the crew wraps up for the day. Giving the honor to Pederson, Hansen says doing it on the first try is good luck for next season. More importantly, it’ll earn him the captain’s blessing with his daughter. “Hey, don’t miss, your future depends on it,” he says laughing at him.

Nailing it on the first try, Sig congratulates him, saying he has his answer. Pederson thanks the captain, while Sig slyly replies “It’s all good man, welcome to the family, hope she says yes, pal.”

Sig Hansen Shares How His Father Prepared Him to be a Fisherman and How He Prepared His Daughter

To say Sig Hansen has been in the crab fishing game a long time is the understatement of the century. In an exclusive interview this year, the Deadliest Catch captain reveals how his father prepared him for crab fishing and how he readied his daughter.

Speaking to We Are The Mighty, Hansen explains he literally grew up on crab boats with his father. “When I was a kid, the first time I was on a crab boat I was 12 years old. Every summer from there I would participate by fishing for Blue King Crab, Gold Fin Salmon. In the Bering Sea, or if we went to Norway as a family, I would have a job over there to fish for cod or mackerel or herring. I was always busy in the summer.”

Hansen reports taking a different approach with his daughter though. Saying the style between him and his father was “apples and oranges,” there was common ground having her on boats with him. Nonetheless, he told the news outlet he didn’t quite put her the wringer like his dad did, taking a softer, more methodical approach.