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‘Deadliest Catch’: Watch Josh Harris Hook Marlin and Try to Get It on Boat ‘Against All Odds’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Aboard the Papa’i Ke Al’ii, Captain Josh Harris wrestles to bring in one of the most dangerous fish. This marlin is the reason Deadliest Catch has its name.

While it might seem like reeling the massive fish in is the most difficult part of the job, the work truly begins once you have to pull the 210-pound marlin onto the boat. With the sharp bill, marlins can easily impale, injure and even kill fishermen on the other end of the line. On Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, Harris and his crew demonstrated just how much work goes into pulling in such an impressive catch.

In a recap clip that Deadliest Catch posted on Twitter, Josh Harris and Johnny Hillstrand head out on calm blue waters to hunt for a broad-billed fish. Usually, the men are on enormous vessels like the Cornelia Marie and the Time Bandit. However, this time, they stand on a smaller sport boat.

Once Harris announced he felt tugging on his line, Hillstrand started cheering his temporary crewmate on.

“Fish on, baby, fish on,” the Deadliest Catch star exclaimed, “Fish on, Harris.”

Suddenly, the tugging turned into full-on hauling. In response, Harris let out tons of fishing line to let the marlin tire itself out. Once the fish becomes exhausted, he’ll begin to reel it in. For now, though, the Deadliest Catch men knew they needed to be patient and keep their line intact.

“That’s bigger than the boat, Harris. Don’t lose him,” Hillstrand said, gripping Harris’ shoulders.

“This is the biggest fish I’ve ever had,” Harris shared as he started to crank on the reel.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Stars Come Close to Marlin’s Bill

Once Harris’ arm began to tire, Hillstrand offered to step in, excited to be a part of the action. Feeling that the fish was still fighting too hard, Hillstrand let the marlin take the fishing line again. The multicolored strands ran through the reel in a blur, turning into a nylon rainbow. The marlin thrashed furiously as it leaped through the air to free itself of the hook.

“What’s it feel like, Johnny?” Harris asked from one of the seats.

“It’s gonna break our rod,” Hillstrand called back.

Still, Hillstrand continued to bring the fish closer, and soon, it was obvious the marlin was thoroughly exhausted. So, too, were the fishermen.

Once Hillstrand has the blue marlin close enough to the side of the small boat, he calls for Harris to retrieve the gaff hook, which impales the side of the fish to help the men bring it on board. Unfortunately, they find that their catch might be too impressive.

They might need a bigger boat.

As Hillstrand hauls the marlin over the lip of the boat, the marlin starts to thrash again. With little room to fight with the fish, the situation can easily become fatal for the marlin and the men. As the video ends, fans are left to wonder whether the Deadliest Catch team was able to safely secure their catch onboard.