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‘Deadliest Catch’: Why Edgar Hansen Hasn’t Been Seen on the Show Since 2018

by Katie Maloney
(Stephen Lam/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

“Deadliest Catch” has seen a lot of changes during its 15 years on the air.

And many of those changes include cast members. So, every so often, fans remember a previous cast member and they wonder where that person is now. Such was the case for former “Deadliest Catch” cast member Edgar Hansen. Hansen rolled onto the scene in season nine when he took over the operation of the F/V Northwestern from his legendary brother, Sig. Edgar teamed up with his niece Mandy to continue their family’s work. However, after season 14, Edgar seemingly vanished and hasn’t appeared on “Deadliest Catch” since.

Hanson last appeared on “Deadliest Catch” in August 2018 and around the same time he pled guilty for sexually assaulting a 16-year old girl that July. Sources say his plea deal required him to serve a 364-day suspended jail sentence and pay $1,653 in fines and fees. Unfortunately, he didn’t end up serving any jail time. Because of his heinous actions, “Deadliest Catch” producers have not allowed Hansen to appear on the show any longer. Hansen’s behavior is absolutely unacceptable and we stand behind the Discovery Channel in its decision to no longer feature him on the show.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Explains Why People Love The Show

With the exclusion of the aforementioned former cast member, “Deadliest Catch” has cast some pretty awesome people on the show. Not only are they incredibly courageous with the work they do, but they also have some big personalities. Captain Sig Hansen of the fishing vessel F/V Northwestern, is one of those personalities. He can always be counted on to say something badass and kind of hilarious. A perfect example o this is his interview with captain Josh Harris in 2020. The two teamed up to talk about “Deadliest Catch” during a virtual interview in 2020.

The first question the interviewer asked the men was why do they think so many people love watching the show? Hansen didn’t hesitate to respond.

“Oh, that one’s easy,” said Hansen. “Everyone wants to live vicariously through us. Everyone want to pretend that they can be a man. That’s what it is.”

Hansen finished his statement with a laugh.

“Okay, you wrapped that up in a nutshell,” said the interviewer with a laugh.

She then asked both Harris and Hansen if they ever get scared while fishing.

“Does a fat baby fart?” asked Josh with a completely straight face before finally cracking a smile.

“I could lie to you and tell you what a man I am and that I never get scared,” continued Harris. “But that’s just like saying that I don’t have big ears and a big nose. That’s something that’s just not logistical.”

Thankfully, for all of us “Deadliest Catch” fans, the crew continuously faces their fears and provides us with one of the coolest shows out there.