‘Deadliest Catch’: The Worst Once Happened When the Wizard Plowed into Another Ship

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Hutton Supancic/Getty Images for SXSW)

Earlier this year, Deadliest Catch shared an intense clip of Captain Keith Colburn‘s expletive-filled rant as the Wizard collided with another boat at sea.

While in the Bering Sea in the Northern Pacific Ocean, Colburn realizes the other vessel is heading straight at them during a transfer move. He’s trying to replenish supplies while at sea, but the transfer is obviously unsuccessful at first. As the two huge boats near each other, Captain Colburn screams into multiple radios trying to avoid the collision.

The other boat is about to crash right into the front of the Wizard, and seems to make contact at one point. The Deadliest Catch captain then goes into damage control mode. The danger of further damage to the boat has subsided as each watercraft separates and gives each other some space. But Colburn and his crew are now worried about potential damage to their own vessel.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Goes Off on Other Boat Captain After Wreck

Following the incident at sea, Captain Colburn radioed the other vessel to find out what happened as they approached his ship. The Deadliest Catch captain wanted to get to the bottom of why the Wizard got rammed in open waters.

“I have no idea what you were thinking,” Captain Colburn said to the other boat’s captain. “Did you have an engine failure, what happened? What occurred to have you try and cut right in front of this boat that’s doing four and a half knots?”

“I was trying to kick it back in reverse,” the other boat’s captain responded. “I couldn’t get the throttles to back off. It wasn’t reacting. I don’t know.”

“Alright, enough of that. Check your boat for damage, I hope you’re OK over there. I’m checking my boat for damage as we speak,” Colburn said back.

The Wizard’s Crew Accesses the Damage To Their Boat

Colburn then has his crew check the bow of the boat where the other vessel came into contact with the Wizard. The anchor took slight damage and so did the exterior of the front of the boat. Thankfully, the Deadliest Catch boat’s damage is minimal as it looks from the exterior. However, now the real test – how bad is it down below?

“Alright, let’s go take a look at what’s going on up there,” Captain Colburn says as he heads to the bow. “I’ve had enough screaming in one moment to save me for the rest of my life.”

The crew then checks what is called the collision void on the front of the Wizard. The collision void is utilized during similar instances when large vessels take damage. It’s a fully enclosed space that will take on water opposed to the rest of the boat in the case of a collision. This time, there is no visible damage or indentations in the metal to the relief of all.

The crash void is still dry, therefore the Wizard’s crew avoided a possible disaster. Out of all things, the Wizard’s anchor basically acted as a buffer between the two ships, which helped avoid any further damage.