Dearon ‘Deezer D’ Thompson, Star of ‘ER,’ Dead at 55

by Kayla Zadel

Dearon Thompson, better known as Deezer D has died. The actor was 55-years-old.

He was found unresponsive at his home Thursday morning in Los Angeles, according to TMZ. His brother, Marshawn, and his family believe that Deezer D died of a heart attack. However, no official cause of death has yet been released.

The actor did undergo major heart surgery in 2009. It took six hours to replace his aorta and fix a leaky valve in his heart.

“I have a heart valve that is leaking and the aorta had expanded to way beyond what it is supposed to be,” said Deezer, according to the New York Post. “As soon as the doctor identified what was going on, he put me in here … What I was going through for the last year — that was scary. I’m fearless about the surgery.”

Deezer D on the Screen

Deezer D was best known for his role as nurse Malik McGrath on the hit drama series “ER.” He appeared on almost 200 episodes on the show.

The actor shared this photo in 2014, standing alongside his “ER” cast. Among the men is well-known actor George Clooney.

“Back in the day. 2015: time for a new show,” he says in the caption.

As a matter of fact, Deezer D wasn’t only an actor. He was a motivational speaker, plus a performer in the Christian underground hip hop communities.

Also on Instagram, he shares a clip from a church service. “My phenomenal Church Praise & Worship. #Calvarychapelchinohills,” captions the video.

Additionally, he appeared in “Romy and Michele,” and was also known for his roles in the films “CB4” and “Fear of a Black Hat.”

Man of Many Talents

Deezer D also shared his talents lyrically. He released his only full-length solo recording in 2008.

A new single was released posthumously on Friday named “History Can’t Be Stopped.” Furthermore, the rapper also appeared in Vanilla Ice’s 1991 video “Cool as Ice.”