Demi Moore and Daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Pose in White Swimsuits in Breathtaking Photo

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for goop)

Demi Moore and her daughters are wowing the internet in a stunning photo; showing off some of the designs in Demi Moore’s own swimwear line, Andie Swim.

In a recent Instagram post, Moore and her three daughters Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout look stunning in white as they pose in front of the ocean. Each one of the four women was clad in one of Moore’s Andie Swim designs.

In the gorgeous photo, the women pose atop a rocky cliff; the crisp blue ocean shimmers behind them as they take in the beautiful scenery.

Each of the women match in white; however, each suit that was plucked from Demi Moore’s own swimsuit line, Andie Swim, has its own unique look.

Four Unique Women; Four Unique Designs

As Moore sits in the front of the photo, a little off to the left, she has a sort of wistful and thoughtful look on her face. And, of course, the actress looks absolutely stunning. In the photo, Demi Moore dons a full-coverage suit with a little cut-out detailing; and a bow.

The suit also features a simple, but elegant sweetheart neckline.

Rumer sits to her mother’s right side; looking content and relaxed as she sits soaking up the sun’s rays. Rumer is also donning a full coverage suit. Although, her suit is a little more of a classic than her mother’s. It’s a simple spaghetti-strapped design.

Tallulah sits on the other end of the photo looking thoughtfully in the same direction as her mother. Like her mother and sister, Tallulah is sporting a one-piece number. However, Tallulah’s pick is a little bolder than the others. The swimsuit features a daring low V-neck design in the front.

Tallulah is holding onto her sister Scout’s hand as she sits. Scout, however, stands above the others showing off her own beautiful white swimsuit.

Unlike her mother and her sisters, Scout has chosen to wear a beautiful two-piece selection. She is the only one in the photo who is looking directly in the camera’s direction.

The gorgeous white two-piece features a classic bikini top paired with a pair of low-rise bottoms, featuring a high cut in the leg.

“LDW ready, with @andieswim,” Demi Moore captioned the Insta pic.

This isn’t the first time Demi Moore stunned her Instagram followers with some breathtaking swimsuit photos. In fact, this isn’t even the first time that she had a daughter pose in one of the Andie Swim creations.

A Mother-Daughter Moment

Earlier this summer, Demi Moore shared a photo of herself and daughter Scout posing in some Andie Campaign swimsuits in a happy birthday post to her daughter.

The actress and mother included a very heartfelt message to her daughter in the July 20 post.

In the gorgeous photo, the mother-daughter duo looks relaxed, happy, and very comfortable. Scout is donning a black full-coverage suit. Demi is a little brighter as she wears a red swimsuit in the pic that includes some strappy details in the back.