Dennis Quaid Cast in Upcoming ‘Joe Exotic’ TV Series

by Jon D. B.

Get ready, Dennis Quaid fans, The Rookie icon is headed to wilder territories alongside Kate McKinnon for NBC’s Tiger King epoch, “Joe Exotic.”

What a time to be alive. There are currently two different biopics in development concerning the immeasurable drama of Netflix’s smash hit docuseries, Tiger King. Which is, itself, a biopic of sorts in a docudrama’s skin – chock-full of startling twist and turns.

Amazon’s go will star Nicholas Cage as Joe Exotic. NBC’s effort (for their Peacock streaming service) is spearheaded by EP Kate McKinnon, who will also play Carole Baskin. For her iteration, Broadway sensation John Cameron Mitchell will play the titular Joe Exotic.

Now, Dennis Quaid is joining the fray. The prolific actor will lend his talents to Rick Kirkham for “Joe Exotic (working title), as per Variety. The real Kirkham is an American journalist, based in Norway, turned documentarian and producer. As for his role in the Tiger King ethos, Kirkham was the producer for the Netflix sensation and was a featured player both in front of and behind the camera.

Tiger King viewers will instantly see a resemblance here, too. Quaid certainly looks the part of a Hollywood-ized Rick Kirkham, so the casting feels spot-on:

Rounding out the cast for NBC’s “Joe Exotic” are Brian Van Holt as John Reinke, Sam Keeley as John Finlay, in addition to Natt Wolff as Travis Maldonado via Universal.

Dennis Quaid Takes on ‘Tiger King’s Rick Kirkham

As for the real Rick Kirkham, the journalist was born May 16, 1958 as Richard Allen Kirkham. Outside of Tiger King, his other documentary work includes A Reason to Live (2008) in addition to the TV Junkie pantheon.

Dennis Quaid‘s version of Kirkham will come courtesy of a screenplay adapted from the Wondery Podcast of the same name, “Joe Exotic.”

This iteration of the tale focuses on Carole Baskin (McKinnon), the big cat enthusiast who takes on fellow exotic animal lover – Joe “Exotic” Schreibvogel (Mitchell) – over his breeding and use of big cats for profit. Once Joe catches wind of Carole’s own dark past, however, a voracious rivalry is born… Which quickly escalates into a dangerous game.

Elsewhere, Dennis Quaid is currently starring in the hit Netflix film, Blue Miracle. Based on a true story,  viewers are taking to Dennis Quaid‘s Captain Wade Malloy with fervor. He stars alongside Raymond Cruz of Better Call SaulCOCO‘s Anthony Gonzalez, and Jimmy Gonzales’s Omar Venegas.