Dennis Quaid Starring in New Baseball Film ‘The Hill’ 19 Years After ‘The Rookie’

by Taylor Cunningham

19 years ago, Dennis Quaid made sports fans cry happy tears when he played the lead in The Rookie—a cult classic inspirational baseball film. And now he’s coming back to the field in the upcoming movie The Hill.

The Hill, which begins filming in November, follows the true story of Rickey Hill, a boy who overcomes his physical disabilities and goes on to play professional baseball.

Dennis Quaid’s new movie is written by Angelo Pizzo, who wrote other sports classics such as Rudy and Hoosiers. The script was co-written by Scott Marshall Smith (The ScoreMen of Honor) who sadly passed away in December.

Quaid will play Rickey’s immensely protective father, Pastor Hill. Throughout the movie, Pastor Hill struggles to let his son work towards his goals over fears he’ll be ridiculed for his disabilities.

“I’ve searched my whole career for a story like this. commented the film’s director Jeff Celentano. “A story that touches all of us who have a dream and proves we can achieve those dreams no matter what stands in our way.”

“I’m setting out to make an iconic film in the classic sense, a beautiful sweeping and powerful inspirational story. One that will stand the test of time like BlindsideRudy, Field of Dreams and The Natural. Dennis was the first and only person I thought of for the lead role upon reading the script,” Celentano continued. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he has the ability to play a loving, caring father while at the same time a staunch, powerful man – all the qualities needed to bring Pastor Hill’s character to life.”

Quaid responded by saying, “I couldn’t be more excited about this project. This film will no doubt further validate the power of American social mobility and show that in America you can choose to be what you want, ” added Emmy nominee Dennis Quaid.

Dennis Quaid Makes a Surprise Appearance at The Grand Ole Opry

Apparently, acting isn’t Dennis Quaid’s only talent. Back in July, he surprised an audience when he performed alongside the Bellamy Brothers at The Grand Ole Opry.

The two-time Golden Globe nominee stepped onto the coveted stage to sing “I Can Help” with the iconic country trio.

He sounded like an absolute professional, which might be because he isn’t new to the music scene. The Frequency star has been playing and performing since he was a kid. And the July 10th appearance wasn’t his first time at the Grand Ole Opry.

In December of 2020, he joined The Sharks as they dedicated “On My Way to Heaven” to their friend Charley Pride. Pride passed away at age 86 due to COVID complications.

Dennis Quaid also hit the stage in March of 2021 during a three-hour special.

You can hear more from Quaid on The Bellamy Brothers Covers From the Brothers album.