Dennis Quaid Stars in New Inspirational Film: What to Know About the Netflix Movie

by Jon D. B.

Netflix’s Blue Miracle, starring Dennis Quaid, is based on a true story – and that story is one that absolutely needs to be told.

Before getting into the real-life story of this inspirational tale, it’s worth noting that Blue Miracle is now streaming, and doing phenomenally well for Netflix. The film went live on the platform this past Friday, and shot to the #5 overall spot for their programming in one weekend. It’s doing even better in Netflix’s movie category, too, at the #4 spot.

Within, viewers are taking to Dennis Quaid‘s Captain Wade Malloy with fervor. He stars alongside Raymond Cruz of Better Call Saul and COCO‘s Anthony Gonzalez to fantastic results. The key player here, however, is Jimmy Gonzales’s Omar Venegas.

Omar is the director of a orphanage in Mexico that’s fallen on hard times, to say the least. The tale that brings Omar and Quaid’s Captain Malloy into the same tale is the true story of the Casa Hogar orphanage. In 2014, orphans from Casa Hogar entered a fishing tournament to raise enough funds to save their orphanage. Sounds like the plot of a film, doesn’t it? Thanks to Blue Miracle, it now is.

The more viewers learn about the real Casa Hogar, the more compelling this Netflix winner becomes. The orphans who entered the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Fishing Tournament did so with little-to-zero fishing experience. They then managed to catch a 385-pound blue marlin – and win the entire tournament. For it, they took home $258,325. And they orphans pledged every single penny to their Casa Hogar.

Dennis Quaid & the Real Omar Venegas Speak to ‘Blue Miracle’s Importance

The man who experienced this incredible tale himself, Omar Venegas, spoke to Netflix about the importance of Casa Hogar’s story both in reality and on film.

“I want everyone to have the opportunity to see Casa Hogar and how God is doing his work,” Pop Culture cites of Venegas. “[God] made sure I was in the tournament. Things happen on God’s plan. God always gives his blessings wholly, He never gives just half.”

While not featured in the film, Venegas survived a horrible car accident right after he found out his orphanage’s team could compete in the fishing tournament that led them to Dennis Quaid‘s character.

Quaid’s Captain Wade Malloy, however, does not share his real life counterpart’s name. But according to Fox News , the actor says he still kept playing a “real person” – and the respect that requires – in mind.

“I really like playing real people… to tell you the truth even more [than fictional],” the beloved actor told the trade. “When I read books, I’d rather read fact [over] fiction and this story… it’s the story of a miracle that happened. And when you’re doing a movie about a real person, you can’t say ‘Ohhh, all this would never happen,’ because it did!”

Excited for Blue Miracle yet? It’s a truly heartfelt, phenomenal film. If you need a bit more convincing, check out Netflix’s official trailer for the Dennis Quaid-starrer below:

The incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.