‘Dexter’ Fans Debate One Serial Killer’s Motivations in Season 4

by Chase Thomas

After years away “Dexter: New Blood” brought Michael C. Hall’s terrifying serial killer back into the fold on Showtime. The mini-series was a major hit for the network as it brought Dexter’s character to a definite end place that appeased a lot of fans. However, the first four seasons of the program have been regarded as some of the best in television history. Season 4, specifically, with John Lithgow’s Trinity character. Some “Dexter” fans, though, are debating one serial killer’s motivations in Season 4.

Indeed, Trinity was Dexter’s biggest test in the show. More so than even Dokes and the Ice Cream Truck killer. However, he was sometimes sloppy about how he handled everything in Season 4. One fan on Reddit asked why Trinity made it a point to run into Agent Lundy. He didn’t have to. But he did it anyway.

It was a good question because it put him on his radar when he didn’t have to be. However, as another user points out, “He wanted to know if he was made or not.” It was that simple.

Michael C. Hall on “Dexter”

Michael C. Hall returning was a big deal for the network. He had to want to come back. The story had to be something that interested him as an actor.

He told GQ, “When I said getting the band back together, I think it was because I knew that the show would be so different and so newly contextualized. And the character is psychologically in such a different—he’s a different person in a lot of ways. In a way, having those people in place would allow us to maintain some connective tissue to that world that is foreign to this one, so that we weren’t completely cut off from it. Something that provided an intuitive feeling that we believed that this was that guy from that world that is so unfamiliar.”

It was hard to bring it all back, as Hall illuminates here.

He concluded, “The tone of the first one was much more wry and Dexter wasn’t implicated by his behavior at that point. He had this perfect, monstrous, firing-on-all-cylinders authentic killer self that he indulged and he was able to do so because of this totally simulated inauthentic-but-authentic-seeming person he presented to the world. Whereas [over the course of the series] he started to indulge in this idea of having authentic humanity and that created all this overlap and chaos, to the point where he had to bury the killer entirely and is now making an earnest, baby-steps attempt at having an authentic life. But he’s doing so having literally faked his own death and pretending to be someone he’s not by name, even.”

He tried to be somebody he wasn’t in the new series. He had a new name and life, but he could still not run from it all. You can watch “Dexter: New Blood” on Showtime.