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‘Dexter: New Blood’ Draws Massive Audience for Series Premiere

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Showtime’s new show Dexter: New Blood reportedly drew in massive audience numbers for the highly anticipated series’ premiere on Sunday (November 7th).

According to Deadline, the premiere episode of Dexter: New Blood is projected to have 2.2 million viewers across linear and streaming platforms. It is also on track to becoming the most-watched showtime title ever. 

Dexter: New Blood is the continuation series of Dexter. The show kicks off just 10 years after the titled character faked his death. He moved to the small town of Iron Lake, New York. The character also hid his real identity under the name Jim Lindsay. He has also learned how to suppress his serial killing urges. 

Michael C. Hall has reprised his role as the title character. Jennifer Carpenter has returned as the main character’s dead sister, Debra Morgan. Others starring in the series are Julia Jones, Jack Alcott, Alano Miller, and Johnny Sequoyah.

Michael C. Hall Shares More Details About ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Premiere

During his latest interview with TV Line, Michael C. Hall revealed more details about the premiere of his series Dexter: New Blood (Warning: there are spoilers ahead)

While chatting about Dexter’s dead sister being his “dark passenger” this season, Hall stated, “Deb expresses something that Dexter himself believes to be true: everyone close to him dies. [With] Deb being the most potent example.”

Hall further revealed that the character made the decision to forsake his relationship with his son Harrison. He was convinced that if he stayed in Harrison’s life, Harrison would be destroyed like others in his life have. “Dexter has played out this possibility in his mind. And told himself that if Harrison shows up, the most responsible thing he can do for him is to turn him away. He does just that. But obviously, he can’t bear it.”

While also speaking about Deb returning, Hall said that the dark passenger isn’t bound by how the viewers know the character to be. “She’s an energy that’s embodied by Deb, but she isn’t bound by anything other than whatever emotional or psychological ripped is going on in Dexter’s own head.”

In regards to the titled character being trigged by Matt Caldwell’s entitlement and criminal behavior, Hall said that Caldwell destroys the manifestation of his character’s aspiration of purity. “He shoots this deer at a time when it’s the last thing Dexter has to hold on to. He’s obviously been struggling with Matt and has felt tempted.”

Hall goes on to add that he imagines when temptations like that have emerged in the past that maybe his character’s left town, that he’s moved on. “But in this case he doesn’t.”