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‘Dexter: New Blood’: Michael C. Hall Said Dexter Working With Blood Felt ‘Natural and Welcome’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Dexter: New Blood is well underway on Showtime and fans have loved seeing Michael C. Hall playing the iconic character of Dexter once again. Part of what makes Hall so great at playing the role is how well it comes off to the audience. He’s a natural at playing this creepy role.

For those unaware, Dexter took a break from that whole killing business since Dexter left Showtime years ago. Still, the years have passed and at some point, it was fair to wonder how look the serial killer could really go before reverting back to his old ways.

Well, now we know, as things have changed at the start of the new season on Showtime. He is just doing so under a different name, but he’s still the same Dexter.

Was it hard for Hall to reprise the role all these years later? Hall said, “I think the fact that the writers were able to hit that target, that honored our desire to do something new but also honored something fundamental about the show’s DNA and the character.”

Hall is clearly happy with the new season and the vision at hand. It’s a tough balancing act to stay true to the show’s ethos while also showing new stuff. There might be some pushback from fans. Still, he never wavered. Hall said, “I discovered he was still there.”

Did Michael C. Hall Want To Be ‘Dexter’ Again?

When asked about his return for GQ, Hall said, “For sure. I mean, a part of both the hesitation and the appetite surrounding going back was orbiting the fact that audiences loved the show but were very dissatisfied with the way it ended. I didn’t want to return just because we could, I wanted to return because we discovered a story that felt like it was worth telling. Something like this that is dependent on so many moving parts, you never know exactly how it’s all going to go, but ultimately I had enough faith to take the leap.”

Hall acknowledged it was a leap of faith to take this role back. The ending was controversial and he acknowledged fans were not pleased. To go back brought the opportunity to make things worse, so he had to trust his instinct and who he’d be working with that this would be different.

Hall continued, “And that had to do with the scripts that were all written, the story we decided to tell, this new context we found for the show, and it had to do with the fact that Clyde Phillips was sitting at the head of the writer’s table. He was responsible for walking the fine tonal line that the show managed to walk back in the day.”

The right people came in and Dexter was back and we could not be more excited about it.