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‘Dexter: New Blood’: Where Is Iron Lake Located?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Walter McBride/Getty Images)

Those that watched the original series know that Iron Lake is nothing like Miami. Dexter: New Blood takes us north to upstate New York.

The fictional town is where Dexter has decided to reside. He has lived there for 10 years when the show picks up in episode one and has kept a low profile. In fact, he hasn’t killed anyone since moving up to the town. So, how does the show make Iron Lake come to life?

Well, just like the original series wasn’t filmed in Miami, this new series is not filmed on location in upstate New York, either. In fact, the show is filmed in central and northern Massachusetts. While Iron Lake isn’t a real town, the lake is real and located in New York. The fictional town is likely based on the real communities that surround the lake in real-life.

So, the show films in Shelburne Falls, MA for the most part. Part of the reason for the isolated setting is to give a bit of mystery. Miami is so well known, but Iron Lake is mysterious and ominous. Show creators want the town to feel like its own character in the show. With a small population, and a gray, snowy and cold backdrop, the effect has been achieved.

Not to mention this gives Dexter: New Blood a ton of nature to interact with. When you see Dexter out by the lake and in the woods, stalking a white deer, that is real. The crew has done an excellent job at using the real-life setting to bring the setting on the screen to life. Even the town is utilized. The storefronts are real, not temporary and Dexter’s job at the fish and game shop, that’s a flower shop in real life.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Brings Small-Town Feel to Series Premiere

From the first episode last week, that small-town feel has been there. The Dexter: New Blood town of Iron Lake is lively, although the people are scarce and the weather is bitter. There are shops, the police station, and more. When you think back to Dexter Morgan from Miami, Florida, this is quite a change.

Perhaps the last 10 years have been so kind to Dexter because he has gotten away from the hustle and bustle of Miami. It was full of violence, crime, and so many other vices. Now, as he takes on Iron Lake, it seems that his dark passenger is awaking. Also, his son Harrison has made his way to him and there is going to be more on that as the season goes on.

With 10 years behind him since his last kill, Morgan is going to be itching to get back at it. However, he is rusty and that is going to have to be fixed. Can’t risk getting caught, after all. Especially not with his son back in his life. Dexter: New Blood continues this week.