‘Dexter: New Blood’: Why Did Kurt Cover-Up Matt’s Death?

by Maria Hartfield

Dexter: New Blood fans are three episodes into the Showtime continuation miniseries. Everyone’s favorite serial killer is back in action and the dark passenger has officially resurfaced. Warning, spoiler alerts ahead.

In the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood, Kurt Caldwell, the father of Dexter’s first kill in 10 years, Matt Caldwell exhibits suspicious behavior. Just when Dexter thought he was off the hook, Caldwell convinces the small town of Iron Lake to continue the search for his son.

Dexter learns Chief Bishop is bringing in a dog team to search the property which causes Dexter to move Matt’s body.

Caldwell suspiciously lies to Dexter claiming his son Matt is alive which leads fans of the series to form a new theory about New Blood’s character.

Dexter: New Blood Episode Recap

Did Caldwell lie about Matt’s being alive out of grief? Or is this a clue to a new theory backed by the character’s motivation throughout the series?

We know Dexter’s dark passenger officially returned in Dexter: New Blood episode 1. His first victim was 30-year-old Iron Lake resident Matt Caldwell after Dexter discovers Caldwell was responsible for the deaths of five people.

Dexter’s girlfriend Angela is the chief of police and leads the search party for the deceased. The pressure heats up when Caldwell’s father Kurt arrives on scene. While Iron Lake’s police desperately search for clues of the homicide, episode 3 ends with Dexter somehow flying under the town’s radar and getting away unpunished.

Dexter finds Kurt extremely intoxicated outside of Iron Lake’s tavern and offers to give him a ride home. In a shocking statement, Kurt tells Dexter he received a FaceTime call from Matt confirming he’s alive. The remark has Dexter perplexed as he had just recently burned Matt’s remains. Why then would Kurt go to such great lengths to lie? The spin-off series has characterized Kurt as one of the show’s most dangerous villains. Could this be a hint that Kurt is Iron Lake’s serial killer?

A New Serial Killer In Town

Kurt’s lie about Matt being alive makes it seem like he could be the town’s mysterious hunter serial killer. He was present during the unsuccessful search party attempts by Iron Lake’s police. When he tells Angela that Matt is alive, he successfully called off the search. As a result, he prevented the police from catching onto his own crimes.

Kurt sticks by his story of Matt being alive in the New Blood episode 4 promo. Could the theory of Kurt being the town serial killer be true? With Dexter left wondering why Kurt would like about Matt’s death, we will likely see him conduct an investigation of his own in future episodes.

Find out more on the next episode. Dexter: New Blood airs on Sundays via Showtime.