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‘Dexter: New Blood’: Will Harrison Follow His Father into ‘Family Business’?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

“Dexter: New Blood” has introduced us to a grown-up Harrison and posed the question: will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Harrison seems to have a classmate, Ethan, who shows violent impulses; but will he become Dexter’s protégé, or will that be Harrison?

That seems to be an answer for later. Right now, after episode 3, Dexter Morgan seems to be adapting to having his son around. He’s also dealing with another serial killer in Iron Lake, and trying not to get caught killing again.

Previously, he killed the mayor’s son, Matt Caldwell, after he himself killed 5 people and got away with it. The mystery now, is why is the mayor lying about getting a call from his son after his death? Could he be lying to himself out of grief, or to protect his son’s reputation? There’s also the possibility that he knows about Dexter and is trying to cover up the murder for him. If so, I imagine that would come back to haunt Dexter in the future.

There’s also the theory that the mayor, Kurt Caldwell, is the Iron Lake serial killer. When he told the police he got a call from his son, they shut down the search for Matt. They could have been getting too close to his burial grounds. In any case, Kurt Caldwell is definitely hiding something. He’s one to watch in upcoming “Dexter: New Blood” episodes.

‘Dexter: New Blood’: Could Harrison Become a Killer?

Dexter is going to have to find new connections or take matters into his own hands now. He may just do that, and look into Kurt and Matt Caldwell’s pasts.

There are a few clues that could lead to some major plot points in future “Dexter: New Blood” episodes. First, the synopsis of episode 4 includes a hint that there’s going to be a “serious incident” at Harrison’s school. Ethan is already seriously troubled, and Harrison is worried that he might do something violent. Could Ethan be involved in the “serious incident” at school?

Right now, Dexter seems to be dealing with the implications that a parent’s behaviors can be passed on to their children. Family legacies, and all that. That’s the big question here, but Harrison hasn’t shown any signs that he’s really traumatized by the things he went through as a child. For example, sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood as a baby while her dead body was five feet away from him. It seems that he was too young for that to make a lasting impression on him, but things could change. Harrison could change.

So far, “Dexter: New Blood” is going in an interesting direction, and we’re excited to see there it’ll go next.