Dick Van Dyke Jokes He’s ‘Circling the Drain’ After Celebrating 95th Birthday

by Clayton Edwards

Dick Van Dyke is a pillar of Hollywood. He has been in film and television for nearly seventy-five years. Back in December, he celebrated his 95th birthday. He has also greatly influenced entertainment over his long career. In fact, he has connections to just about every classic television series. To say that he is a living legend is an understatement.

The Dick Van Dyke Show alone made a huge mark on television. Without that show, Mary Tyler Moore wouldn’t have gotten her big break. Her stardom led to her starting MTM Studios. That company put together the classic crime drama series Hill Street Blues which directly influences much of what is on television today. To go a step further Van Dyke’s eponymous show laid the groundwork for current favorites like 30 Rock.

More recently, photographers spotted Dick Van Dyke handing out cash to people in need. That, as well as his upcoming Kennedy Center Honor and his age, came up in a recent interview with Showbiz 411.

Dick Van Dyke Still Has a Sense of Humor

Dick Van Dyke has been hilarious since the early days of television. His recent interview proves that he hasn’t lost his edge. The interviewer asked him how he was doing. Van Dyke jokingly replied, “I’m circling the drain. I never thought I would live this long. I don’t know how I did it.”

Then the interviewer brought up his recent media splash. He was handing out cash outside a community center in Malibu. Dick Van Dyke simply said, “Usually, I hand out coats.” However, since the last year has been so hard, he decided to opt for cash. Apparently, this is not a new thing for the entertainment giant. The paparazzi just happened to catch him doing it this time.

Dick Van Dyke said that, right now, he was just waiting for the scaled-down Kennedy Center Honors celebration. Once again joking about his age he said, “All I have to do is stay alive until then.”

The ceremonies will take place over the course of a week starting on May 17th.

In a phone interview with the New York Times, Dick Van Dyke talked about his Kennedy Center Honor Award. He said that they called and told him that he had been selected for the upcoming ceremony. However, they told him to keep it under wraps. He couldn’t do that. Van Dyke immediately called his family and friends to share the good news. When you’re as famous as Van Dyke, you can break a few rules.