Dick Van Dyke Sets Sights on Another Major Honor Following Lifetime Achievement Award

by Matthew Wilson

Dick Van Dyke has cemented himself into film and television history with popular turns on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Mary Poppins.”

But the actor isn’t done yet. At 95-years-old, Van Dyke has his sights on what he wants to be his next accomplishment in life. If the actor had his way, he would soon be referred to as Sir Dick Van Dyke. That’s right, he wants Queen Elizabeth II to knight him.

“I think the next thing is a knighthood,” Van Dyke told Daily Mail. While technically, Van Dyke couldn’t add Sir to his title because he’s American-born. But the actor could garner an honorary knighthood if Queen Elizabeth ever felt so inclined to award it to him. Americans have gained honorary knight status in the past for instance.

But right now, Van Dyke is happy with his success. Recently, the Kennedy Center honored Van Dyke with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The actor was all smiles during the ceremony in May. Originally, the organization scheduled the ceremony for December but pushed it back to May due to the pandemic. But Van Dyke didn’t let the delay damper his mood.

“Recognition from your peers is always icing on the cake. How did I get to a Kennedy award? I never trained or did anything, I just ­enjoyed myself,” Van Dyke said. “I just turned 95, so I’m happy to be anywhere. Had I known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Dick Van Dyke Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The Kennedy Center honors the best and brightest. Other celebrities at the event included folk singer Joan Baez, country music superstar Garth Brooks, and choreographer Debbie Allen. But Dick Van Dyke stood out as one of the most influential names in television.

The actor called the event “the capper on my career” afterward. He appeared excited and happy to be honored by the event. Sporting a black tux, Van Dyke had a smile that could lighten up the room. Outside of television, the actor has become known for his generosity and kindness.

For instance, Van Dyke went out during the pandemic in March to give back to the community. While out on the town, Van Dyke went to the Malibu Community Labor Exchange on Civic Center Way. The place is a non-profit organization designed to help with unemployment.

Van Dyke spread a little cheer by giving away money to people at the non-profit.