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Dick Van Dyke Shows Off His Impressive Backyard Workout Routine at 95 Years Old

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

When you think of someone in their nineties, what comes to mind? There’s a good chance that retirement is on the top of that list. Maybe a small backyard garden, if the person is in great shape for their age. However, when most people think of someone who is 95 years old, they don’t see much activity. In fact, we all kind of expect them to be taking it easy. At that age, we tend to imagine people relaxing and preparing for their inevitable end. Don’t tell Dick Van Dyke that.

He celebrated his 95th birthday last year. Since then, he has joked about “circling the drain.” and “just trying to stay alive,” but it turns out those were just jokes. Dick Van Dyke is currently chomping at the bit to work. At the same time, he’s staying as fit and agile as possible.

Dick Van Dyke made a name for himself as a song and dance man as well as a physical comedian. He moved like no one else. At the same time, he was never afraid to take a fall. Van Dyke also had masterful comedic timing. He was, in a sense, the total package.

Today, Dick Van Dyke still hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Nor has he lost the ability to cut a rug. He talked about his hopes for the future and showed off his daily workout routine in an interview with CBS This Morning that came out earlier today.

Watch the video in the tweet below to see how Van Dyke is staying fit and limber.

Dick Van Dyke Is Staying In Shape

“I’m 95 and a lot of my friends won’t do these,” Dick Van Dyke says while doing crunches in his back yard. Then, he goes into a set of double-leg circles. He lies flat on his back, keeps his feet together, and moves them in a circular motion. He then addresses the “old guys out there,” who might be watching. He says that you can still keep going no matter how old you are. Van Dyke adds, “I’m still dancing.”

Later, the interviewer asked if Dick Van Dyke still considers himself active as an actor. He said, “Oh sure! I do. I like to perform but I didn’t know how much until this year. I’d do anything right now on the stage.”

About his future, Van Dyke said, “I’m looking forward to 100. George Burns made it and I’m going to do it, too.”