Dick Van Dyke: What is the Acting Legend’s Net Worth?

by John Jamison

Dick Van Dyke has been a mainstay on American screens for over 60 years. The 95-year old did everything from musicals to television shows to movies. So how much has the renaissance man racked up over the years?

Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Dick Van Dyke is worth roughly $50 million. Not bad for a radio DJ from West Plains, Missouri.

Funnily enough, he actually turned down the hosting gig on an early version of “The Price Is Right” in 1956.

Per IMDb, the showbiz veteran gained prominence in 1960 after he won a Tony Award for his performance in the musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.” He capitalized further on the very same title when he went on to star in the movie adaptation of the play in 1963.

Many fans will know him best for his roles in “Mary Poppins” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” both coming in the 1960s.

His television career started out in the 1960s as well. He starred in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” for five seasons and won numerous Emmy Awards for the effort.

It would take an eternity to list every single one of Dick Van Dyke’s credits. He is one of the most prolific performers to ever grace the industry. And his net worth would suggest that he has been compensated accordingly.

What Is Dick Van Dyke Up To These Days?

Well, he’s certainly putting the money to good use. Just this week he was spotted handing out cash to unemployed people in his Malibu community. It’s a generous act and it comes at a time when many are struggling. It’s refreshing to see something like this captured candidly.

Van Dyke has been giving back in other ways too. In recent years he has developed a bit of a reputation for being extremely active and spry for his age. A Twitter user recently posted a video clip of the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” star serenading an entire diner full of people.

Have to say, he sounds pretty incredible for 95. Best of all, his performance is met with the restaurant equivalent of a standing ovation. The appreciative crowd seems nearly as excited as he looks.