Did ‘American Pickers’ Just Pull All Frank Fritz Merch Due to Fan Outrage?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

When the American Pickers Twitter page shared a post earlier this month inviting fans to shop for a “gem of a costume” this Halloween, they likely didn’t expect the backlash they were about to experience.

Some fans of the long-running History Channel series were angry after the American Pickers Twitter page tweeted out a link to their website, promising some amazing Halloween costume finds among other valuable merchandise.

Why were they upset? It had little to do with Halloween perse.

Instead, the fans were upset that the series was still selling some of former American Pickers cohost Frank Fritz’s merch on the site. A move, some fans feel, was not in very good taste.

Since feeling the backlash to the October 8 tweet, the American Picker’s website seems to have halted all sales of the fired host’s merchandise. Whether they plan on reintroducing some of the items in the future is still unclear.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Speak Out After Recent Merch Tweet

“Discover a gem of a costume for your Halloween party!” read the October 8 American Pickers tweet. “Pick through great finds at the exclusive American Pickers collection for easy Halloween ideas.”

The link took fans to the American Pickers merch site, on which a variety of items are sold year-round.

However, this did not sit well with some longtime fans of the show.

According to some of the responses, fans felt the show was taking advantage of former American Pickers host Frank Fritz.

The consensus seems to suggest that the show’s merch site was still profiting from the sale of Fritz’s merchandise. Despite his being let-go from the show earlier this year.

“I think it’s time to boycott American Pickers,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the American Pickers tweet.

“It really bothers me they kicked Frank to the curb,” the user adds. “With friends like that who needs enemies.”

Another fan notes that if the show is still profiting from Frank Fritz, the former host should continue profiting as well.

“Hope (you’re) still paying the bearded charmer he deserves it,” notes the Twitter user.

“I think you should leave Frank alone!!,” another Pickers fan wrote in response to the October 8 tweet. “Trying to make money on him after you fired him!!!”

Franks Unexpected Exit

Rumors of Frank Fritz’s departure from the popular History Channel series began to swirl earlier this year. By mid-summer, Fritz’s longtime cohost and American Pickers creator, Mike Wolfe shared a message on Instagram stating that he would “miss” his cohost going forward.

This, of course, sealed in the rumors that Frank was being let go from the series.

Prior to his departure, Frank Fritz had been MIA for a few episodes after undergoing extensive back surgeries and facing other health problems.

Fritz has stated that his departure from the series came as a shock since he had not spoken to Wolfe since they filmed their last show together in the spring of 2020.