Dierks Bentley Gives Daughter a Ride To Hockey Practice in Style

by Atlanta Northcutt

Country music star Dierks Bentley fashions a tandem bike into a slick ride to chauffeur his daughter to hockey practice.

The NHL tweeted a video of Dierks Bentley taking daughter Jordan, 9, to her hockey practice Friday.

While geared up in a uniform, padding, gloves and a hockey stick, Jordan is prepared for practice. All the nine-year-old had to do was hold onto the back handles. While sitting in the front, Dierks did all the work as he pumped the pedals and spun the wheels.

Jordan, looking like a future pro-hockey player, holds onto her dad as they make their way down the icy roads of Telluride. The small town is a well-known ski resort located deep in the Colorado mountains.

Many celebrities, including Bentley own property in the Telluride area. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Dierks Bentley and his family moved to Colorado. The singer stated he “is making up for lost time” and enjoying the mountains.

Bentley has even written a song, “Goodbye in Telluride”, showing his love for the small town enveloped by picturesque mountains.

Dierks Bentley is married to Cassidy Black, and has three children, including Evelyn, 12, Jordan, 9, and Knox, 7.

Evelyn and Knox enjoy taking to the stage and performing with their father, while Jordan is more reserved and prefers to be out of the public eye.

However, in the tweet by NHL, she seems excited to ride with dad on his souped-up tandem bike while taking to the streets and heading to hockey practice.