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‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe’s Rural Upbringing Sounds Like an Outdoorsman’s Heaven

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo By Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

He’s known for getting down and dirty on Dirty Jobs, and Mike Rowe has admitted that his connection to the outdoors while growing may have shaped him into the persona fans see on his hit TV series. 

During a 2014 interview with The Baltimore Sun, the Dirty Jobs star revealed more details about his upbringing.

“We heated the house with a wood stove. We had half a dozen horses on property [that] we didn’t own. But on a stable that we built. We had chickens. We had what my mother called a garden. But was actually a half-acre of corn.”

Speaking about where he grew up, Rowe shared, “I was in Overlea. My granddad was there forever. In fact, when they put in I-95, he moved his house to the top of a hill flanked by Stemmers Run on one side and the exit ramp from 95 on the other.”

The Dirty Jobs host also explained that his grandfather essentially hemmed his family into about 120 acres that they didn’t own but nobody else could develop. He then shared how he as well as grandfather and dad would go back every weekend and either cut down a tree or find one that had already fallen. “We would cut it up; we would split the wood; we would stack the wood.”

Rowe then added that if fans are trying to raise a son, it gives them a chance to say things like, “Chop your own wood; it will warm you twice.”

His parents are still in the Baltimore area and his ultimate rule when he goes to visit is simply, “If I’m in the time zone, I gotta go to the White Marsh and kiss the ring.”

Mike Rowe Reveals HIs Thoughts About HIs ‘Dirty Jobs’ Image

While also chatting with The Baltimore Sun, Mike Rowe discusses what he truly thinks about his Dirty Jobs image. “Two things happened. One, I got a lot of press because I was the subject of a homily in a big church in the midwest. The sam sedan, I was nominated as [D-Listed] Hot Slut of the Week…”

When asked if he thinks of himself as a sex symbol, the Dirty Jobs star jokes, “What, I lost to Bea Arthur.”

As Rowe continued to discuss his TV appeal, he stated that he would rather not make everything about gender. “To me, we’re living in a non-linear world. But the truth is, we are linear creatures. I mean, most people don’t know where their food comes from.”

The Dirty Jobs star goes on to add that he believes everyone is basically confused about fundamentals.