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‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Celebrates Fourth of July With Special Story Written by His Mom

by Anna Dunn
(Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images)

Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe just celebrated the Fourth of July with a funny story written by his mom. In a seven-minute-long Instagram video, Rowe read a story from his mother’s book, About Your Father, called Red, White, and Brown.

The story found Rowe’s mom invited to ride horses at a fourth of July parade. She decided to ride her horse, Jet, in the parade. But Jet was young, green, and only knew the tame nature of a pasture. So she and her friends rode down to the parade. She was thrilled.

The hilarious story has foreshadowing from the start that things will definitely go wrong. They were walking behind a marching band and in front of fire engines and an ambulance in the back. The brass horns in the marching band went off, and Jet spooked.

“Jet flew a couple of feet off the ground like one of those bottle rockets,” his mother wrote. He was shaking. In fact, many horses were terrified. Riders were falling off their horses. Then, horses started to have, well, nervous diarrhea.

The good news? Nobody died! That’s how the story hilariously starts to draw to a close.

It was definitely a more messy and fright-filled fourth of July than initially planned. Rowe’s Instagram followers loved it.

“I want Mike to narrate my life on a daily basis,” one Dirty Jobs fan said.

“I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. As a horse owner, I found it all the funnier. Thank you!” another person wrote.

You can watch Rowe tell the whole story, filled with hilarious detail, below.

The ‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Just Underwent Surgery

Rowe recently underwent serious surgery, even sharing some rough-to-watch video of the procedure online. He’s in recovery from a septoplasty. The surgery is essential to fix a person’s nostrils and allow for better airflow.

He was not afraid to get into it with the gritty details either. Even with the recovery process, he’s shown how his nose gets vacuumed daily to clean out blood and mucus. He’s doing it for a good cause, however. Many who may want the surgery could find videos like this helpful, seeing how it’s done and why.

The surgery has also changed the way the star is breathing. And apparently, the problem affects tons of people.

“I’m breathing through each nostril for the first time in my life. It’s transformative,” he said.

From Dirty Jobs to funny horse poop-related fourth of July stories, Rowe has never been afraid to show the dirtier and grittier side of life. This time, with his surgery and recovery, it may help people get the procedure they need to breathe better.