‘Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe’ Premiere Airs Tonight: How to Watch

by Michael Freeman
(Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

After a long wait, Dirty Jobs is finally back and premieres tonight. Luckily, you have several options for watching and can pick whatever is most convenient.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Mike Rowe has been steadily releasing information about the new season and fueling hype on Instagram. Naturally, that also includes information on how excited viewers can watch the event. For those with cable, simply turn to the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. If you enjoy streaming, you can also view it at that time on Discovery +.

That’s not all, though. Rowe’s most recent Instagram post detailed another treat. The caption talks about all the work that went into making Dirty Jobs a reality again but also talks about a marathon you can watch right now. “Which reminds me – if you’re not sick of me yet, turn on the Discovery Channel right now and leave it there till 9pm. Yep – it’s 12 hours of Mike Rowe, getting dirty from sea to shining sea.”

That’s right, if one new Dirty Jobs episode isn’t enough for you, tune there now and you can watch several. Though clearly excited about it, Mike Rowe notes they “freak” him out a little. “Personally, these marathons freak me out a little,” he stated. “Partially because I’m confronted with entire scenes I have no recollection of shooting, and partly because it’s disconcerting to come face to face with a younger, skinnier, hairier version of myself this early in the morning. Anyway, classic reruns all day, new episode tonight at 8pm.”

Mike Rowe Discusses Why ‘Dirty Jobs’ Still Appeals to People Today

Dirty Jobs first debuted in 2003 and lasted 9 years until 2012. Nonetheless, reruns still score highly with views and people have clamored for it to return ever since. Recently, Mike Rowe talked about its enduring popularity and why it still resonates with audiences today.

Appearing on the Uncut with Jay Cutler podcast, Rowe and Jay Cutler discussed an array of topics. Unsurprisingly, Dirty Jobs was a major point of discussion. Noting its long-lasting popularity despite being off the air nearly a decade, Cutler asked why Rowe thought the reason was. Rowe’s response was as straightforward as the show, and claimed its honesty and transparency are key.

“I think there’s a modesty to it that a lot of other reality shows don’t have,” he stated. “Dirty Jobs is a very pure, transparent show. We didn’t do any preproduction, we didn’t do any casting, we certainly didn’t do any writing. We came in hot, rolled cameras and got what we got.”

Rowe then added there are no second takes, what you see is exactly what happened. “You’re calling this reality. Why would you do a second take? That’s called a performance.”