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Disney’s Re-Issue of Hocus Pocus to Nationwide Movie Theaters Brings in Impressive Profits

by Jacklyn Krol

Disney’s re-issue of Hocus Pocus to movie theaters has proved profitable.

The Profits

A 26-year-old film made $1.6 -1.8 million this past weekend at the movie theaters. Overall the Disney classic snagged the No. 2 spot behind Tenet, Deadline reported. Disney re-issued the Kenny-Ortega directed film to 2,570 theaters nationwide. During the pandemic, people have been flocking to drive-in movie theaters to experience the movie magic. The film is so popular that it airs almost nightly during Freeforms 31 Nights of Halloween.

Last weekend, Disney re-issued Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back to theaters which grossed $908K at 2,097 theaters.

Hocus Pocus Live-Tweeting

Bette Midler, who portrayed Winifred Sanderson in the movie, live-tweeted a recent airing of the movie. Midler was also promoting her New York Restoration Project charity, which is also selling Hocus Pocus themed merchandise.

“The bus….this indeed may be my favorite scene,” she revealed. “The bus driver was hilarious.” The witches famously saw a bus for the first time. The bus driver said that he would give them children, a whole other meaning for the Sanderson sisters.

Midler also paid tribute to her co-stars that passed away, Gary and Penny Marshall. “This was absolutely one of my favorite parts,” she tweeted, referencing her moments with them. I really love slapstick. The broader the better. Charlie Chaplin was the greatest actor who ever lived…. he didn’t need words. But I do have to say Eddie Murphy in so many films, is also a Genius. Now back to the film…”

What You Didn’t Know

The plot for Hocus Pocus came about when writer David Kirschner made up a bedtime story for his children.

According to Mental Floss, the creators pitched Disney in an unusual way. The executives from Disney entered a darkened room with broomsticks and a vacuum cleaner hanging. Candy corn was thrown throughout the room, fifteen pounds of it!

The iconic role of Max was first offered to Leonardo DiCaprio. He could not take the role as he was already starring in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Sean Murray, who played the human Thackery Binx, did not voice his alter-ego cat version. Jason Masden voiced Thackery the cat. You may recognize Murray who currently stars as McGee in NCIS.