Does Kevin Costner Belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame?: Here’s Why the Current Little League Hall of Famer Deserves a Major League Honor

by Katie Maloney

Does Kevin Costner deserve a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Every true fan knows that baseball is more than just a sport. There’s magic on every field. There are myths and legends connected to the age-old game. And Kevin Costner has played a major role in portraying the secrets, the passion, and the complexity that lies behind the game of baseball and all of its players and fans. So, here’s why the star deserves a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In 1988 Costner played Crash Davis, in Bull Durham. Crash is a veteran catcher brought in to teach a rookie pitcher the ins and outs of the game to prepare him for the major leagues. While there, Crash meets and falls in love with Annie, a dedicated fan who preaches “The Church of Baseball.” The film highlighted minor league baseball with all of its untapped talents, unfulfilled yet never forgotten dreams and sparks of hope. Kevin Costner and the movie helped put minor league baseball on the map.

In 1989, Coster starred in Field of Dreams as Ray, a man who builds a baseball diamond in the middle of his farm after hearing voices that tell him to do so. This marked one of the first times a movie portrayed both the magic and insanity of baseball fandom. In a beautiful way, the film wove generations of players and fans together on one field – something every game of baseball does. Some fans even consider Field of Dreams to be the greatest baseball movie of all time.

Ten years later Costner got back on the mound to play Billy Chapel, a pitcher nearing retirement in For Love of The Game. The movie perfectly portrays the love of a player who has given everything to the sport of baseball and is now wondering if it ever really gave anything back. Although the movie never reached critical acclaim, it still ranks high on our list of Kevin Costner baseball movies.

Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams

Does Kevin Costner Deserve a Spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

With all that experience on the field, does Kevin Costner deserve to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? Fans have mixed opinions as to whether or not Costner deserves a spot in the Hall. Some say no. He’s not actually a professional baseball player, after all, he just plays one in the movies. Others disagree. One fan used the most scientific means of all to determine Costner’s merit: baseball stats.

“But let’s talk numbers for all of you stat purists. Between Bull Durham and Field of Dreams Costner provided $142.4 million of value at the box office. Now we’ll use a valuation of dollars per fWAR. We can see that teams would usually pay .79 million per win above replacement during Costner’s fateful 1988 season. That means his single-season value that year was 195.07 WAR. If you put Kevin Costner alone on an MLB team during the 1988 season, he would have a perfect record through the world series. This is Science. These are facts. Kevin Costner had the best season of all time.”

It’s difficult to argue with stats. The Baseball Hall of Fame hasn’t inducted Kevin Costner yet. But he has been an honoree of other prestigious institutions. He was enshrined into the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum Hall of Excellence. The Hall honors those who played little league baseball and then went on to accomplish great things, like starring in several iconic baseball movies. Additionally, his character, Billy Chapel from For Love of The Game was inducted into the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame.