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Dog the Bounty Hunter Makes Major Announcement About ‘New Show’ in Latest Post

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Lucy Pemoni/FilmMagic

Is Dog the Bounty Hunter teasing another reality show? The TV personality recently made an announcement on social media for his fans. And Duane Chapman has apparently been working on a new project.

In fact, he’s already finished filming it if his Instagram can be believed. Chapman posed for a picture for his followers. But it’s the caption that’s raised a few eyebrows and got the Dog the Bounty Hunter faithful riled up with excitement.

Chapman wrote: “Another show in the can !!!!”

The news may be surprising for some, given how Chapman’s last project “Dog Unleashed” ended. But the TV star was hyping up a new project as far back as April. He promised his fans back then on Twitter to be on the lookout for news of a new project. “Don’t be fooled by knock-off brands Dog has nothing to do w/ unleashed but just wait for what’s coming !!!!”

Currently, Chapman hasn’t revealed what the show will revolve around. But based upon his previous projects, viewers can guess it’ll have to do with bounty hunting and may feature a couple of family members as well. Dog the Bounty Hunter always kept things close at home when it came to catching criminals. For years, Chapman worked with late wife Beth catching criminals on several reality shows.

But Dog the Bounty Hunter may not be out of the fire just yet when it comes to legal woes. Reportedly, the production team behind the canceled “Dog Unleashed” is sueing Chapman. That reality show ended up canceled before it even aired this year. Previously, Chapman hyped up the show promising he would go against hardened criminals this time.

But Unleashed Entertainment alleged that Chapman broke his contract prior to the show’s airing. The production company claimed that Chapman partnered with CBD Global Sciences to ascond with $100,000 using the show’s brand.

CEO Mike Donovan released a condemning statement back in April commenting on the situation.

“After a thorough investigation, including the review of hours of audio and video material, we have decided to halt production of ‘Dog Unleashed’ permanently. Mr. Chapman was given an opportunity to take part in the inquiry, but chose to not participate.”

According to Unleashed, Chapman ruined plans for the production company to release the show by breaching the contract. As a result, they canceled the show.

“Our values drive our programming. We stand for equality and justice, and we will not be associated with projects that are not congruent with these values. Though it saddens us to part ways, we cannot in good conscience continue to work with those who do not share our values,” Donovan said.

But it sounds like Chapman has bounced back. It remains to be seen how his matters with Unleashed will be resolved.