Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Fiancée Leiana Evensen in New Pic

by Quentin Blount

Lyssa Chapman is the daughter of Duane Chapman — otherwise known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. And on Wednesday, she celebrated five years with her fiancee Leiana Evensen.

Just like her famous dad, Lyssa Chapman is also no stranger to the bright lights. But because she grew up with her family in the acting business, she has actually gained quite the following of her own. As a matter of fact, she has more than a quarter of a million followers on Instagram.

Lyssa is also known to many of her fans as “Baby Lyssa.” The former bail bondswoman and bounty hunter is the ninth out of 12 children for Dog the Bounty Hunter. Nowadays, she is 34 years old after celebrating her birthday back on June 10.

But not only did Chapman get to celebrate her birthday, but she is also celebrating her five-year anniversary with her fiancee. Now, Lyssa Chapman actually has two children with two separate fathers. But for the last five years, she has been dating a woman named Leiana Evensen. And it seems like the two have been over the moon happy. Chapman showed off the love she has for Evensen in her most recent Instagram post.

“Happy 5 years to my Love!!” Lyssa Chapman wrote. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter also includes the hashtag “#WhenDidWeGrowUp.”

It looks like Lyssa Chapman and Leiana Evensen were able to make their special day as romantic as possible. In one of the photos that Chapman shared online, the happy couple looks to be out for a dinner date. And naturally, Lyssa has a big smile on her face.

Evenson responded to Chapman’s post saying, “Love you so much baby!!!”

How Did the Daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter Meet Her Fiancee?

It seems like Lyssa Chapman is happier than she ever has been. The daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter has certainly come a long way on her journey to find true love.

But ever since meeting at a store that was owned by Lyssa herself, she and Evensen have been practically inseparable. The two have constantly gushed over each other on social media, talking about how much they have learned from each other over the past five years. And they seem incredibly excited for their future together.

In her own post, Evensen called Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter her “favorite adventure person” and the “only one she wants to be with all the time.” That in itself goes to show that the love they now share all stemmed from their many mutual interests. The connection between Chapman and Evensen has been intense ever since they first met. As a matter of fact, the two even share the same birth date.