Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Show ‘Dog Unleashed’: Is This Why the Series Got Canceled?

by Halle Ames

Why did Dog the Bounty Hunter’s series, Dog Unleashed, already end? We have a few possibilities. 

The drama continues for Dog the Bounty Hunter as his new show that has already been canceled. 

One possibility behind the sudden termination could point toward a new fad, CBD. 

Dog Unleashes Canceled

According to a recent article from Pop Culture, “the company that was set to air the series on its new streaming platform is suing the CBD company selling Dog Unleashed CBD.”  

This has not been confirmed as the reason behind Dog the Bounty Hunter’s show’s cancellation. 

However, the company did state that there was a breach of “contractual obligations.”

Furthermore, Unleashed Entertainment suddenly stopped producing the Dog Unleashed show at the end of March. However, on April 1, Unleashed Entertainment was set to launch its streaming platform. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter, otherwise known as Duane Dog Chapman, had not made a formal comment on the situation but made a few subtle jabs on Twitter. 

On April 2, he announced his separation from the Unleashed company. 

“Don’t be fooled by knock-off brands Dog has nothing to do w/ unleashed, but just wait for what’s coming !!!!” 

He also retweeted a fan’s comment on the post, which called out Unleashed for blocking fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter as well. 

“Nope. Will not be buying ANYTHING related to Unleashed. Just fyi, Unleashed UNFOLLOWED and BLOCKED me. Guess they didn’t like this member of the #Dogpound defending you guys.”

Unleashed Entertainment Responds

Unleashed filed its lawsuit on Wednesday against CBD Global Sciences in Colorado federal court, which accused the company of colluding with Chapman to raise over $100,000 in “allegedly ill-gotten profits,” reports

Mike Donovan, the president as well as the CEO of Unleashed Entertainment, responded to Pop Culture on Monday about the issue. He “denied that the company is connected to the CBD company and said that Chapman has been falsely connecting the two in a marketing campaign.”

Unleashed Entertainment also posted a statement about the situation to their Twitter account with a caption that says, “please read.”

However, Unleashed Entertainment confirmed the lawsuit against the CBD Global Sciences but “encourages followers to exercise caution when taking medical or financial advice from unverified sources” and does not promote the company’s “financial promises or medical claims.”

Investigation Involving Dog the Bounty Hunter

In late March, Unleashed Entertainment also conducted an interval investigation on Dog the Bounty Hunter. The show was canceled due to “received reports of actions taken” by the 68-year-old during production that was a “breach” of contract. 

Unleashed Entertainment kept it vague as to what occurred during the issue involving Dog the Bounty Hunter. Still, it said they completed a “thorough investigation, including the review of hours of audio and video material.”

The two parted way upon the completion of the investigation.