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Dog the Bounty Hunter Announces Death of Brother-in-Law: ‘Please Pray for My Little Sister’

by Jon D. B.
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 28:Duane Chapman and Steve Doocy attend "FOX & Friends" at FOX Studios on August 28, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

“The World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter” has lost his brother-in-law, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is asking for prayers for his little sister.

Please pray for my little sister Paula her husband left for heaven today,” Duane Lee Chapman posts to his official Instagram Tuesday. Within, he shares a photo of his younger sister, Paula, and her husband.

A cause of death is not known.

While we don’t have any further details at this time, Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are pouring in with prayers and condolences.

The infamous bounty hunter has been under quite a lot of family strain the past few years. Most recently, his stepdaughter, Cecily Barmore Chapman, faces charges in Hawaii. The crime? Domestic violence.

Honolulu officers would receive a phone call at midnight July 31 from Cecily’s partner, Matty Smith. Matty claimed Cecily “punched him in the face and back,” with bruises being left by the altercation.

Despite dating for give years, Matty tells police the couple came to blows after drinking. According to police, he blames the entire affair on Cecily. As a result, Cecily would be under arrest for “misdemeanor abuse of a household member.”

EMS would arrive at the house, but Matty would not go to the hospital.

Family of Dog the Bounty Hunter Facing Hard Times

Fox News cites that The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will not be filing charges. They do, however, have two years to change their verdict if new evidence comes to light.

 Cecily tells outlets herself, however, that this was an “altercation where a man struck me and said vile things about the memory of my dead mother.”

As a result, “I used proportional response, disabled the aggressor, and stood up for the memory of my mom,” she continues.

Cecily says that her late mother, Beth Chapman, wife to Dog the Bounty Hunter, “would have handled it quite the same way, I can assure you… If you put your hands on Cecily Chapman you will get your ass kicked.”

Tragically, Beth Chapman would die in 2019, losing her battle to throat cancer. The situation continues to worsen, too, as Cecily and Duane Lee reportedly do not see eye to eye.

“My only guess or idea would be that he’s just not really on the same path as me and my sister,” Cecily continues. “What I’m seeing personally is just my dad is having a hard time dealing with the fact that maybe he’s not going to be able to replace my mom and that me and Bonnie bring a lot out from my mom and he sees our mom in us.”

Currently, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Duane Lee Chapman is with Francie Frane. Outsider’s condolences to the Chapman family during this difficult time.