Dog the Bounty Hunter Speaks Out on Show’s Cancellation: ‘Wait for What’s Coming’

by Matthew Wilson

You just can’t keep a good dog down. Dog the Bounty Hunter is speaking out following the untimely cancellation of his reality show.

Duane “Dog” Chapman is promising audiences that they haven’t seen the last of him. But it remains to be seen if he’s all bark and no bite. The reality show made his first public comment since his reality show “Dog Unleashed” got put down. Unleashed Entertainment axed the show before it ever made it to air.

On Twitter, Chapman claims he has nothing to do with the show, calling it a knock-off brand. He urged audiences to stick with him. He wrote, “Don’t be fooled by knock-off brands Dog has nothing to do w/ unleashed but just wait for what’s coming !!!!”

The behind the scenes drama may be enough to fill a reality show of its own. “Dog Unleashed” would have been Chapman’s big return to reality entertainment. His previous show “Dog’s Most Wanted” lasted for a single season in 2019. That show featured Chapman’s late wife Beth and her battle with cancer and death.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Got Canceled

The new show would have seen Chapman return to his bounty hunting ways. But this time, he was going after hardened criminals instead. Unleashed Entertainment planned to release the show on their streaming service. But they canceled the show after alleging Chapman broke their contract prior to the show’s airing.

Now, there’s a little more information about what exactly went down. According to Law360, Unleashed Entertainment LLC filed a lawsuit in Colorado against CBD Global Sciences. The company alleges that CBD and Chapman partnered together to use the show’s brand. As a result, Unleashed reported that they made more than $100,000 off the breach of contract. Chapman is in arbitration on the lawsuit.

The CEO of Unleashed Entertainment also commented on the situation. CEO Mike Donovan released a press statement. “After a thorough investigation, including the review of hours of audio and video material, we have decided to halt production of ‘Dog Unleashed’ permanently. Mr. Chapman was given an opportunity to take part in the inquiry, but chose to not participate.”

The CEO continued on the matter.

“Our values drive our programming. We stand for equality and justice, and we will not be associated with projects that are not congruent with these values. Though it saddens us to part ways, we cannot in good conscience continue to work with those who do not share our values,” Donovan said.

It remains to be seen how the situation will ultimately unfold. But Chapman urges fans to wait for what he has planned next.