Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Brian Laundrie Search Team May Have Found Missing Woman’s Body

by Amy Myers

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman hasn’t had the most popular public opinion lately, but there’s a chance his search team could have found the remains of a missing person.

As we know, Dog the Bounty Hunter was ever-present during the search for Brian Laundrie during the Gabby Petito case. And for a while, he seemed to believe that he was hot on the fugitive’s trail and often confidently reported his supposed findings. Unfortunately, Chapman never found Laundrie, and instead, Florida police, as well as Laundrie’s own parents, discovered part of his remains in a nature reserve. All the while, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his team had been searching remote islands off the state’s coast.

Now, though, it seems the search team has come across another Florida woman’s body in their recent efforts. Earlier today, Chapman posted a photo of a missing person’s poster for 34-year-old Kathleen Moore of New Port Richey. According to the photo, Moore was last seen on November 29.

Dog the Bounty Hunter also released the news of the team’s potential findings on Twitter.

“Dog’s team from the Laundrie search located a body that could be Kathleen Moore, a woman missing — identification pending,” the post read. “Found in an area behind the home of Moore’s boyfriend. Dog and team send their thoughts and prayers to the Moore family.”

Local Authorities Share Story Different From That of Dog the Bounty Hunter

While the bounty hunter and his team could have played a role in the search for the missing woman, NBC affiliate and local news channel WFLA shared a much different account of the events.

The main difference between the stories of Pasco County authorities and Dog the Bounty Hunter was that police had already identified Moore’s remains by 2:24 p.m. ET. Chapman posted his team’s alleged developments at 4:30 p.m. ET, claiming that the body’s identification was still “pending.”

Also notable about the news from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office was the fact that there was no mention of Chapman or his team during the search. Instead, the department credited members of the community for the discovery of Moore’s remains.

“Last night we put out a plea for help and they did. At 11:30 this morning, we got the call because citizens were out there helping us,” Sheriff Chris Nocco stated.

Now, with Moore’s remains recovered, there is no need to start the hunt for the suspect, Moore’s boyfriend, 30-year-old Collin Knapp. After finding blood evidence at a nearby landfill yesterday, police arrested Knapp and charged him with second-degree murder. Knapp has already appeared before a judge, who deemed that the case was clearly a homicide. He is now in police custody without bond.