Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Stuns in Beachside Bikini Pics with Fiancée

by Quentin Blount

The daughter of the famous Duane Chapman — aka Dog the Bounty Hunter — took to social media last week to post an adorable photo of her and her fiancée.

Lyssa Chapman, of course, is no stranger to the spotlight. Having grown up with a famous dad as an actor, she has attracted quite the follower of her own. Lyssa, also known as “Baby Lyssa,” is the ninth out of 12 children of Dog.

The 33-year-old former bail bondswoman and bounty hunter in her own right has two children with different dads. But ever since a few years ago, Chapman has been dating a woman named Leiana Evensen. The two got engaged while on a trip to Seattle.

And it seems like the happy couple has been enjoying themselves as of late. A week ago, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter took to her official Instagram account to post a photo of her and Evensen all smiles on the beach.

“💫Sundays are simply magic💫 ⭐️,” Chapman wrote on Instagram. “Special thanks to @babybylyssachapman for the hat to keep the ☀️ out of my 👀. 😉 #bringbackduckfaceornah”

Fans React to Photo from Daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter

Since being posted, Chapman’s photo has gotten more than 4,000 likes. It has also gotten a lot of comments from her fans and followers hyping the couple up. One fan, teamlimegreen16, left a message saying, “You’re so beautiful, Lyssa 😍🥰.”

Meanwhile, btambling06 commented, “That sun and beach looks awesome. So jealous.”

And finally, Instagram user ljmcann wrote a reply to Chapman saying, “Love the hat, I would buy one for sure. The bikini is even nicer. You are beautiful. ❤🌈😘🔥”

If her social media pages are any indication, it seems like “Baby” Lyssa Chapman has been enjoying her time in the Hawaii sunshine. We could probably all use a Hawaii vacation after going through the COVID-19 pandemic but at least for now, we can live through the daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

“We decided that since there was a little bit of a lag in COVID, we would take a little love trip for a weekend,” Chapman told The Sun. “So we went to Kauai and we just basically ran that island to the ground. We hiked and we went to about 14 different beaches every day and just had a really good time spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.”

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