‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Duane Chapman Shows Off Neon Orange Suit Ahead of Wedding

by Clayton Edwards

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter is gearing up for his wedding. He plans to tie the knot with his fiancee Francie Frane in less than a week. So, he’s showing off his wedding tux to his followers on social media.

For his wedding day, Duane Chapman is going with an extra classy orange monochrome tux with a matching tophat. The reality TV star will complete the ensemble with a pair of orange patent leather shoes. One thing is for sure, his bride-to-be is going to have to wear something spectacular if she plans to draw any eyes at the celebration. Check Duane’s outfit below.

Duane Chapman posted the photo of his eye-catching suit with the caption “Getting ready for wedding 3days & A Wake Up !!!!!”

Some of his fans stopped by to congratulate him on the upcoming wedding. However, most of them couldn’t take their eyes off the incredibly tasteful suit that Duane Chapman chose. The majority of the comments point out that the tux bears a striking resemblance to the one Jim Carrey wore in the 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber. The suits are similar, right down to the tophat.

However, some fans assure Duane Chapman that he will be able to pull the suit off.

Duane Chapman’s Wedding Comes During Family Feud

Weddings should be an exciting time for families. However, the upcoming celebration is causing a little friction in Duane Chapman’s family. More specifically, the guest list is upsetting some family members.

Dog’s daughters, Bonnie and Cecily, won’t be at the wedding. Duane Chapman and his bride chose not to invite them. No matter whose side of the story you look at, it comes out the same. Bonnie still works for Unleashed TV. As a result, her father has cut her out of the family gathering.

On one hand, Duane Chapman says that the folks at Unleashed are conmen and criminals. He claims that when he saw their true nature, he left the network and pulled the plug on Dog Unleashed before it premiered. His daughter Lynn has accused them of brainwashing her sisters.

On the other hand, Unleashed claims that they terminated their contract with Duane Chapman after witnessing him making racist and homophobic remarks. Chapman denies these claims.

Furthermore, Bonnie is involved with a show called The System which deals with issues of social justice. Additionally, she openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Bonnie says that these things irk her father and added to his decision to not invite her or her sister Cecily to his wedding.

The truth of the matter is unclear. However, we can see that Duane Chapman is happily moving forward with the wedding in the absence of two of his children.