Dog the Bounty Hunter Facing Serious Accusations by ‘Dog Unleashed’ Show Producers Following Cancellation

by Anna Dunn

The last-minute cancelation of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s new show, Dog Unleashed, came as a surprise to many, but producers of the show explained it came after Dog the Bounty Hunter’s on-set behavior. According to producers, Chapman violated company conduct with racist and homophobic behavior on set as well as illegal activity. Unleashed Entertainment set Dog Unleashed to air on their new streaming service, Unleashed Entertainment. Unleashed Entertainment focuses on true crime-related content.

The Fallout of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Twitter Rant

Initially, the producers of Dog Unleashed didn’t clarify exactly why they canceled the show outside of “contract violations.” Then, Dog the Bounty Hunter aired his grievances out on Twitter in the form of hefty accusations against the producers at Unleashed Entertainment. This included accusations of hacking into his finances. Since deleted tweets also appeared to threaten certain employees at Unleashed Entertainment. The tweets listed employee names and said statements, including “Just wait until I get a hold of you.”

In response, the Unleashed Entertainment team denied the accusations and specified why exactly Chapman’s show never made it to air. According to the producers, Chapman refused to take part in an investigation by the company after multiple accusations of racism and homophobia. The investigation found he made multiple homophobic and racist remarks while working on set. Chapman has not yet responded to the producer’s claims.

A Lawsuit in the Works

On top of the serious accusations, Unleashed Entertainment is filing a lawsuit against a company called CBD Global Sciences. Unleashed Entertainment alleges that the company conspired to raise more than 100,000 dollars in “ill-gotten profits” by using Unleashed Entertainment’s marketing materials. Dog the Bounty Hunter has been advertising his Dog Unleashed CBD products.

Unleashed entertainment is also pursuing other legal action. The company said they will take action against Chapman if he continues to threaten their employees.

A History of Controversy

Dog the Bounty Hunter got in trouble for racism in 2007. Chapman got caught on recording using racial slurs and racist rhetoric in a conversation with his son. The recording was enough to get his show canceled by A&E, though the network later went back on that decision.

This time around, nobody has released Chapman’s specific comments to the public. Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that Unleashed Entertainment will not go forward with Dog Unleashed.