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Dog the Bounty Hunter Feeling ‘Extra Thankful’ as He Celebrates Recent Marriage

by Hunter Miller

Dog the Bounty Hunter recently tied the knot with his new bride, Francie Frane. For their first Thanksgiving together, the reality star is feeling “extra thankful.”

The 68-year-old TV personality took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to give a special shout-out to his wife. “I’m feeling extra thankful this year as I kick off the holiday season with my lovely bride. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!” he captioned the post.

The sweet snap shows Dog and Francie sharing a big laugh at their wedding.

In addition to giving Francie a special Thanksgiving post, Dog also dedicated one to his fans earlier in the day. Chapman posted the short and sweet tweet with the message: “Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all!

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wedding Controversy

Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, and Francie Frane got hitched back in September. They wed at a private ceremony in Colorado Springs. While the photo above shows nothing but happiness, the nuptials didn’t happen without a fair share of controversy.

Lyssa Chapman, Dog’s daughter, took to social media at the time to explain all of the “dirty, messy” drama surrounding the situation. Many folks assumed that there were issues within the family due to the fact that Dog was marrying again after his wife Beth passed away.

“Sooo you guys are seeing a lot of family drama today. If you have a family you know that it’s dirty, messy and 3 sided. Some things are truths are some are lies,” she tweeted. “Well, here is my family who’s currently being ripped apart by a dangerous and evil, duo but it not my sisters it’s the people they LIVE with.

Lyssa Chapman Setting the Record Straight

Despite the reports, Lyssa said that none of the coverage around her father’s wedding took her by surprise. “So I’m not surprised they are attacking me and my dad with lies and fake photos,” she continued. “BUT these are my family. They try to make me so angry that I fight back, trying to hurt my baby sisters publicly.”

To clarify things, Lyssa said that the beef between family members wasn’t exactly being portrayed accurately in the media. “It’s not Cecily or Bonnie, it’s the people they are living with and being conned by. I know we will be family again and no matter what I love you my sisters,” she writes.

Even though there was “drama,” Dog and Francie carried on. And from the looks of things, are happy as ever. However, Dog did leave their honeymoon early in order to hunt Brian Laundrie. Learn more about that here.